I need these tiles in my life for my bathroom remodel.

I would sell my kid, maybe even make a new kid in my body, to sell for these tiles.

Speaking of tile, I finally finished the subway tile wainscoting in my kitchen. I even grouted and caulked all the joints and seams! It only took 5 months.

Also, I ordered paint from Farrow and Ball for the dining room. It was kind of surreal to mail order paint, and kind of pricey. I feel like maybe this paint should cure cancer? I have spent an obscene amount of money on paint this year. I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, OK?!

I have a day off work scheduled to install the crown moulding in the dining room, too. The internet is like: ‘you can cut it this way, this way, or this way, This degrees, or that degrees. Cope it or miter it. TOTALLY EASY TO DO, GUYS.’

I am nervous and intimidated. But! I get to use a 12″ sliding compound saw. Awesome.

Disclaimer: I had wine with dinner, and didn’t bother proof reading.