Easy personalized wrapping paper

We had a birthday party to go to today, so I had to wrap a present. Lawd knows where any of my wrapping paper is, so my favorite way to wrap the presents is with rosin paper and letting Ry draw on it with crayons (she’s tried markers, but the paper makes the ink bead up.)

Wrap present like normal:rosin paper as wrapping paper rosin paper as wrapping paper rosin paper as wrapping paper


Crayons (or pen, or stickers, probably even paint):rosin paper as wrapping paper

rosin paper as wrapping paper
It says: “Happy Birthday”, but the letters aren’t all linear

Dining room decisions

It kind of feels like it might never happen, but I have been thinking of what color to paint the dining room. It’s a small room, but I want some drama.

I have to go to the lumber yard and have some millwork replicated for the new opening between the kitchen and dining room. I have put this off partially, because I don’t want to do math about the dimensions. Silly, I know.

I also have some crown moulding (molding?) sitting around. Waiting. And it is quite the crown. I want to put it up myself, and watched a bunch of youtube videos, but I think it’s really intimidating! And again, maths. Yuck.

In addition to crown moulding/molding, I want to do some panels. Like so:http://cdn.metrie.com/wp-content/themes/metrie/images/FashionForward_OA1.jpg

And paint it all the same color, flat for the walls, gloss for the trim.

What color?

My husband said all black (he chose Benjamin Moore Black Tar), and this is his first real input on a paint color. So, I feel like I should honor that. Then, the more dominate side wants to pick whatever I want to. ‘Cause I’m a terrible person.

I’m kind of leaning towards Farrow & Ball Down Pipe…. Farrow & Ball Down Pipe # 26 Visit Stockist Timeless Materials for a complimentary Colour Card & Consultation

or maybe Pelt

Farrow & ball Pelt

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to paint the living room and front room all white, so those shouldn’t be much of a factor. The kitchen is Teal, so that’s most def something to consider.

Pretty much any color would be an improvement over what it is now!

The rug cherry got popped

This week has been a long one, work has been really busy. I have also been spending most of my free time with the kids at the park. In MN, you have to ride the nice weather until the wheels fall the eff off. Which means, hardly anything has gotten done at home. Besides some impromptu oil paint huffing in the bathroom while painting some trim. PARTY AT MY HOUSE!

Today, the surprise ebay rug was delivered. I call it a surprise, because I was totes unsure what colors the rug was going to be actually be. Pictures of rugs seem to have a lot of variation. And what do you know. The rug looks COMPLETELY different than the picture.

Here’s a screen shot of the rug:rug2

I bought the rug before I grabbed a picture, and it wouldn’t let me go back to the details for a larger picture?

And here it is in my home:ebay Persian rug

ebay Persian rug
This is the most accurate color representation
ebay Persian rug
Next to Ugly Couch

Again, really a struggle to get the picture to look the same as I see it with my eyes.

I don’t mind that it’s much darker, but, I am worried that it’s actually too small for the space. I am incredibly green at this whole rug thing, and how large it should be for the area. For reference, it’s 4’x6’10”, and the couch is 68″.

Naturally, it would have looked loads better with the gray ikea couch, and looks awful with the harvest gold ugly couch. Because I like to be dissatisfied with my choices, I set it up like that. Ha. I think I’ll leave it where it is though, to really help give me a sense of what other colors to put in the main level. If I decided to get a bigger rug to replace it, I would probably stay in the same color/Persian rug vein.

For anyone who is interested, I bought the rug from hgallery128 on ebay. It took about 2 weeks from purchase to delivery. The rug is worn/used, and kind of dirty. That might bother some, but for me it makes me feel less guilty about putting something new in my forever dusty home! When I am done with the renovations down here, I’ll get it a good cleaning. In like 12421 years.

Diamonds and DIY

Does anyone else forget to take off their diamonds when they are painting (messily) with oil based paint, and have to soak the ring in acetone overnight?008

Meet Ugly Couch’s ugly cousin, Ugly Chair

My husband went and picked her up for me today.

But, she’s like Michelle Williams’s character from Dawson’s creek.

All mysterious new girl, just moved next door, but harboring a dark secret.ugly chair ugly chair



The chair springs have broken from the frame
The chair springs have broken from the frame


Damn. So I guess my hope of a simple reupholstering won’t do.

Ugly Couch

This past Sunday, we made 4 long round trips to go pick up Ugly Couch (it’s my term of endearment for the Craigslist couch).  It involved renting a home depot truck.

Totes worth it, guys. The couch is as comfortable as it is ugly.

My mom informed me that the color is Harvest Gold, and it was all the rage in the 70s(?), I don’t remember exactly. But, it was cool. craigslistcouch

I’ve gotten a couple of quotes to re-upholster it, ranging from $800-1250, for just the labor. So that probably won’t happen for another 6 months, at least. It will give me lots of time to decide on what color and kind of fabric I want. A small kid+$800(at least)=commitment.

Natch, this didn’t quell my desire for ugly furniture. What’s an ugly couch without an ugly chair? I think this one will do nicely.uglychair

Living room

The living room is currently the most put together room, even though a lot of spare tools and/or boxes get stashed there. Last week, I had the notion to make the living room look nice and put together.  So, I bought a rug.

Almost 5 years ago, my now husband and I found out we were going to have a baby, and quickly had to put together a household. We bought a lot of Ikea furniture. We have an Ikea Karlstad sofa (In Sivik Dark Gray) and chair in  there now.

But, then, I decided that something was missing.

What was it, you ask? Some motherfucking ugly. And when I want ugly, I always deliver. Why not some green ugly, to match the rest of the rooms with all the ugly green in them?

BAM!green couch1

Yup. My husband died inside when I sent him a picture of this couch, he replied that he did not want a green couch, I replied that I agreed, I also did not want a green couch. Then I followed up with that I wanted to get this couch.

I now have plans to pick up this couch this weekend.

Don’t you think it will look lovely with the skirt removed, and the fabric a nice bold peacock blue?

Project bathroom: Paint Ikea Godmorgon vanity

I had a cold this weekend, so I didn’t get much done. I did, however, paint the sink cabinet. The Ikea GODMORGON/ ODENSVIK sink cabinet (in black-brown) was installed by the previous house owners. I like the drawers underneath, because apparently I am vain and have a shitload of products. However, after I painted the floors black, the brown-black color was too heavy and dark.

I chose to paint it Farrow & Ball Teresa’s Green. There isn’t a local Farrow & Ball distributor in Minneapolis, so I had a tiny sample color matched at Home Depot and used that.

First, I removed the existing hardware (so I could use the most glorious knobs, instead!) and filled the holes in with wood filler. After that dried overnight (that’s just how things timed out, you don’t have to wait that long), I sanded them smooth, wiped everything down with liquid sander/deglosser, waited 10 minutes. Since I had a can of Zinnser BIN primer less than 5 feet from me, I used that. Although it’s tinted gray, it didn’t seem to affect the top coat color. One coat of that, and two of the Teresa’s green. You can still see the “wood grain” underneath the paint, which I don’t mind at all.

filling old pull hole with wood filler
filling old pull hole with wood filler
filling old pull hole with wood filler
filling old pull hole with wood filler


First coat primer, first coat Farrow & Ball Teresa's Green color matched
First coat primer, first coat Farrow & Ball Teresa’s Green color matched

I drilled new holes and installed the new knobs.

New Crystal Knob
New Crystal Knob


The color matched sample of the Teresa’s Green is much lighter than the Farrow & Ball color swatch, in person it’s lighter and leans closer to Pale Powder. It’s not EXACTLY what I envisioned, and I’ll probably paint it again, but it served it’s purpose of lightening up the space, and cost less than $3!

Farrow & Ball swatch and color matched paint
Farrow & Ball swatch and color matched paint


I am still on the hunt for the perfect mirror, and looking for a new bathmat with some color, and waiting for my new light, but things are happening. Maybe. Kinda.

Highs and lows

Today was a win some/lose some sort of day. In the first world problems kind of day.

The win was that I bought a rug. I’ve never bought one before! To be honest, I’ve always felt pretty ambivalent towards them. And also. Wat. It’s for my living room, which is so far from put together, it has all sorts of mess from other rooms and construction. Like, a shop-vac is not a designer piece of furniture. I guess at the moment (since the living room still has it’s drywall and has been relatively untouched, although I dislike the paint color), the living room is the only candidate to be a nice room.

I guess the possible loss, is, it’s going to be a surprise! I bought the rug off ebay, and it’s very possible that the color on the computer screen will be different than when it arrives. We will see! Unless, I absolutely abhor it, it’s going to stay, ’cause, monies.

The low, I found a steal of a deal for a mirror for the bathroom on craigslist. I LOVED it. I set up a time with the seller to pick it up, and they sold it before that time. Jerks.