It must be gold

I was just sitting here thinking “what am I going to do with these things?!” in reference to the Nate Berkus large gold paper clips, that I insisted on buying from Target.001 003 004

A plastic dinosaur, to show scale. Plus, everything is infinitely more awesome with a t-rex involved.

Then, I opened up my package of cookies, and needed to clamp it. And, aha! Large gold paper clip.006

Yeah, we fancy.

Painting up in here

I’m always incredibly jealous when I read other blogs and they move in to a “fixer upper”, and that means painting the walls. They put in their awesome furniture, style it, and then it looks all glorious.

Petty? You bet.

Especially because I did move into this house and paint all the walls, and it looked glorious. Then, I went all crazy face on it. And now I have to put in 2425721 hours of patching and sanding, to get the walls in a semi decent shape for painting.

But. I did. I did put all those hours of wall prep in.


This is also the first room that my husband has helped me paint. Yeah, in 6+ years together, he hasn’t ever helped me paint. I’m sure that’s some sort of blogging crime. I told him that OUR MARRIAGE NEEDED this. J/K. No, I didn’t. Yes, I actually did.

I guess he didn’t want to test the limits of my insanity. He rolled, I did cut in, we had a paint fight, it was adorbsies. Ok, so he did one coat on the walls, but, for reals though, it went so much faster than if I did that last coat by myself!

I chose Farrow & Ball Down Pipe – color matched to Behr. I’m planning on ordering a gallon from Farrow & Ball for the top coat, but why not save $70 for the first coat?

After 3 coats on the ceiling (1 primer, 2 paint), and 3 coats on the trim/baseboards (2 primer, 1 paint) and 2 coats on the walls (1 primer, 1 paint), we are here!

Farrow & Ball Down Pipe color matched to Behr Farrow & Ball Down Pipe color matched to Behr

Perhaps a reminder of how the dining room project started?

damaged plaster
damaged plaster


Is that a non-water damaged and non-green ceiling?!Farrow & Ball Down Pipe color matched to Behr

I still have to paint the radiator (I spray primed the hard to reach areas).

Panel/picture molding, crown moulding, and the opening casing will have to happen, then one last coat of paint.

It may seem a little underwhelming to most, but it was a huge triumph for me.


About damn time

This week has been kicking my ass, with the working full time, caring for a kid, mud, mud, mud, sanding for eternity, scrubbing a radiator until my arms fell off and caulking my way through a tube and a half.



Why yes, that IS my dining room. So, it’s only the first coat of primer, it still looks SOOOOO much better than it did before. Totes worth the temporary loss of my arms.

Quick and (almost) free magnets

I bought a new shower curtain, and while removing the other one it occurred to me that I should save the magnets! I easily removed them with my fingers, and brought them to the spray painting dungeon (the basement), to paint them gold. Because let’s face it, everything looks better in gold. shower liner magnets

30 minutes of dry time, and new gold magnets! 068 067


A gratuitous shot of the fridge:070

eBay induced temporary insanity

EITI for short. And I’m starting a group for it.

I have been bidding on kilim runners on eBay for around a week. I have been super chill about it, and quitting right away when a bidding war happens. Only to lose by like $2.50. I figure another one will pop up.

Then it was like, I already bid on it, go bid on another one that is available, bro.  After my 5th one that I lost on, EITI kicked in. I was just NOT going to lose another one. I called my husband to see just how irrational I could get about it, then I decided irrational people don’t check on how irrational they get to be.


Now I am emotionally exhausted.

EITI meets once a month on Tuesdays.

eBay Kilim runner


I went to the lumber yard yesterday to price out some moulding for the new opening between the kitchen and dining room. The plan is to have it be similar to the two between the dining room/living room and living room/entry. For some reason, I was convinced that the amount for the wood was going to be exorbitant, so I’ve been putting it off. Buuuuuuut. I know it will really finish that project off, and make it look intentional.

I went to Siwek Lumber (2536 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis MN 55418) and it was amazingggggg. Like 3 warehouses of any kind of lumber. It smelled amazing, too! I love fresh cut lumber.

Anyways. It turns out that the egg and dart moulding that I have, that’s 106+ years old, isn’t made anymore. Boo hoo. So I’m going to try another millwork place, to see if they can replicate it. But the rest of it is available, and so, so, so reasonably priced. I was also looking at panel moulding. I finally mathed out the dinning room, and I need 2048″/170.66′, most come in 8 ft lengths, but that’s still 22 of them. Looking online really scared me away from it, when some 8ft pieces are $30. That adds up, ya’ll. At Siwek’s, standard 1 1/4″ panel moulding (in pine) was $0.75/ft. Yeah, $6 for an 8ft piece is way less.

If in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I would totally recommend visiting there.

A finished up dining room might be in my future sooner than I anticipated!