Get it done

After 4 new tires, continuing to pay off debt, daughter’s private school tuition due at the end of the month, life and a tiny eBay spending spree, I am feeling poor.

I have limited myself to finish started projects in which I already possess the materials. Ugh. Spending money bans are the worst.

Moving on.

Let’s take the kitchen walls for example.

1 step forward, 1346564 steps back

I have two¬†skim coats of mud on the walls, and half a bag of durabond 90 left, 1/4″ drywall in the garage waiting to replace the missing piece on the wall, and the paint.

I am putting it out there, in the ether, that I would like to replace the drywall, joint all the seams and sand the walls smooth for paint – by this Sunday.

The ceiling still won’t get done anytime soon, my aims aren’t that high. Ha. Ha. Get it? A ceiling joke.

Also, it’s normal to purchase things like light fixtures, for rooms that aren’t even a little bit ready for them. Right? I am hoping it will light a fire under my ass for yet another unfinished room.

Fingers crossed.