Happy holidays!

It’s been a few weeks, I owe a post on the kitchen progress. I got a whole lot done, but, the holidays sure do make me want to eat, drink and hang out with family, way more than house stuff.

2014 was a big year for the Saice house. I started a ton of large, and messy projects (still haven’t really finished any), and started this blog to try to keep it all in order. I am happy to report that it IS actually helping.

Since I have mostly written about what I started the past year, I wanted to make a list for 2015. It started as a mostly feasible list, time wise and financially, then it kind of spiraled out of control into a wish list for the whole house. I don’t want to set myself up for failure, so I trimmed it up. In no particular order of importance :

Upstairs hallway –

  • Remove drywall ceiling
  • Remove remaining wallpaper and glue
  • Finish exposing brick, clean and seal
  • Patch holes
  • Sand
  • Prime/Paint or wall paper!

Kitchen –

  • Custom floor to ceiling open shelf cabinet and sink/dishwasher cabinets to match other ones (expensive!) – only two left to finish the kitchen, though
  • Shoe moulding
  • New quiet dishwasher
  • Replace existing radiator pipes with smaller pipes
  • Moulding for new wall opening to dining room/casing (this does have to be done after smaller radiator pipes)
  • Ceiling ventilation?
  • Art work

Pantry –

  • Remove drywall
  • Patch plaster and repair walls
  • Sand
  • Prime/Paint – pick a paint color
  • New baseboards
  • Shelving

Dining room –

  • Moulding for wall opening to kitchen
  • Replace missing baseboards where new wall was made
  • Picture frame moulding
  • Art
  • Curtains

Entry way/Front room:

  • 1-2 more layer of skim coating all walls and ceiling
  • Sanding
  • Prime/Paint (including trim)
  • Hang hooks for coats
  • Build a bench
  • Art
  • Curtains

Daughter’s bedroom –

  • Remove drywall
  • Patch holes
  • Sand
  • Prime/Paint
  • Strip peeling paint on trim – paint
  • Decorate

Living Room –

  • Remove drywall
  • Patch 1000+ holes
  • Sand
  • Prime/Paint (including trim)
  • Reupholster UGLY COUCH! Below are a sample of the possible fabric swatches031

Lighting. I want 2015 to be the year I rid this house’s main level of basic light fixtures. I got a new one for the kitchen, to be revealed sometime, but need a wall sconce still. I also purchased a fixture for the front room, but since it hasn’t been installed yet, it counts for 2015.

  • Kitchen wall sconce
  • Install front room light
  • Living room light fixture
  • Dining room chandelier

First floor –

  • Refinish and stain wood floors
  • After all the dust settles, CLEAN and decorate!

Life –

  • Enjoy the house more

So, basically, 2015 is still cleaning up for 2014, and we will have to see how much of this list actually gets done.