So, so good

My light fixture arrived last Saturday, the one day I was out of town for the first time in years. Figures! 

Luckily, no one messes with other people’s mail in my ‘hood. 

No kidding. My neighbor had a large boxed package on his front step for weeks without anyone taking it. 

I love mail.

Anyways. I was so excited that I assembled it so I could bask in the glory of it. 

The pantry is in no way worthy of such a light fixture, but it makes me want to make it so. 


Now I’m all ‘ceiling medallion or no ceiling medallion?’


Well… this is embarrassing

A couple of weeks ago I proclaimed that work was going to happen on the pantry.

If you inferred that the work would be done by me, you were correct.

And since then…. not that much has gotten done. At least not a finished pantry kind of done.

I did finish the first coat of primer on the walls, assembled some ikea cabinets, and took a pleasant (kids free!) trip to the lumber yard with my sister.

That allowed me to start tricking out the $2.00 ikea Haggeby cabinet doors.

I got them patched/caulked/primed (hopefully the first coat of paint tonight.)

ikea haggeby door hack

ikea haggeby door hack

And replacing the missing moulding in the room, like the window apron, and door head/eyebrow – which I’ve never done before!


This little rug showed up for the floor in there.

pantry rug

My light fixture has been delayed, apparently. Which is disappointing. I was expecting 4 weeks and it’s now 6 without a tracking number.

I guess I had hoped that it would show up and motivate me to finish up the room and hang it.

I do have plans for a little bit of Altpink linen to join the party. I was going to wait until I had the copper light fixture to order it, buuuuuut who knows when that’s going to happen.

Ahhhhhh. I love gray and pink together, in all it’s hues.

Nothing is going to happen this weekend because I am going out of town for a couple of days with my beau! I am so excited. We haven’t done anything like that since our daughter was born, almost 5 years ago. In fact, I haven’t been away from her longer than maybe 14 hours?

It’s seriously about that time.

I’ve already scouted that there’s a lumber yard only a couple blocks away from the hotel! Hopefully I won’t bore my husband completely with shop talk.

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