What up? shelves up.

I finally did something! YASSSSS.


Not much, mind you; but something.

I was unsure of what to do on one side of my pantry, since the doorway placement allows for about 9″ depth on that side. Most standard shelving units are deeper than that.

While I was interwebbing, I read about Sarah’s floating shelves on theuglyducklinghouse blog and I had a light bulb moment.

I had purchased a kregjig a couple weeks before and this seemed like a perfect use to try it out.

You’ll have to follow her directions, because she does a great job explaining it.

I armed myself with a slew of 1x2s, 1x3s and some plywood and got to it.

Side note: I looked like a straight up idiot in the plywood isle pulling those 4’x8′ sheets off the shelves and wrestling them onto my cart.

I located the studs in the wall and marked them off. Which, by the way, I have had much better luck with the $3 magnet stud finder than the stupid $18 deep scan stud finder with my lath and plaster walls. According to that thing, I don’t have a single stud in this house and it’s help up with good thoughts and wishes.

I cut the 1×2 to the width of the wall (different lengths for different parts of the wall. ain’t nothin’ plumb around here.) and attached them to the studs with some long cabinet screws. floating shelves

Then I made a whole lot of cuts for the middle braces, and a whole lot of pocket holes!003

The side pieces took the longest, since at 8ish” there wasn’t a stud, I had to use anchors. I found it helpful to hold it in place, drill a pilot hole and mark both that piece and the longer 1×2 attached to the length of the wall with coordinating numbers (i.e. 1a and 1b, 2a and 2b etc.) Then I knew where to put the anchors in the wall. It made it so much easier to line up the screws with the anchors.

After that, I assembled the other long 1×2 with all the middle braces and side pieces. 014

floating shelves

Gosh, I love that kregjig. I want to make pocket holes for everything now.

I thought that I was going to need my husband to help hold the other half of the shelf frames level while I screwed them to the ones already attached to the wall; but I found that a good clamp worked perfectly. He was totes offended that a tool had replaced him, I was filled with regrets that I didn’t do that sooner.015

floating shelves

When I was at home depot, I had the plywood ripped down to 8 1/4″. The gentleman that did that for me was so nice, but he sure fucked those pieces up. It ranged from 7 1/2″ to 8 1/2″ down the length of the boards. No way was I loading it all back up and going back there, so I managed. I had to use my circular saw to cut them to 66ish” anyways, so I did my best to use the most consistent widths. Then, I used a exacto knife and orbital sander to even out the rest of it.019

Anyways. 1×2 frame pieces made it look better, and wood filler/paintable caulk made it even better.floating shelves

I still have to work out the other side of the room, then it’s more moulding, patching, caulking, priming, painting goodness.floating shelves