One Room Challenge Fall 2015: Now… I wait?

This is now week 4 of the One Room Challenge that is hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. I cannot possibly express how thankful I am to be able to link up to her site and share all the work that we have all been doing! It’s so supportive and motivational. I would not be nearly as far in progress if not for this challenge.

Week 1 outlined my plans, week 2 showed not much of anything and week 3 had a lot going on.

If you don’t feel like going back to read, or want a quick re-cap. The room I chose to work on is the living room in our house. I removed the drywall previous owners put up to expose the damaged plaster, took out the screws and patched it all and sanded smooth.

I left off in week 3 with the first coat of primer on the trim and walls, and caulked/spackled trim.

The inside window moulding was painted with Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur, like the front room. I love painting vinyl windows, the top square was a replacement window and vinyl. Just prime with some spray paint primer designed for plastic and use any kind of paint top coat. 013

I spent Friday evening with my sisters and all the kids, but not until after I taped/papered the windows in preparation for the trim to be sprayed with the next coat of primer and top coats.primed

I used the sprayer on my porch to spray the storm windows, and was excited to see how much it would speed up the painting trim process.

Saturday morning, I quarantined the living room with plastic and used the air compressor and hvlp sprayer and got going on the trim. What a godsend. I was able to get a coat of Zinsser 1-2-3 primer and two top coats of Sherwin-Williams Snowbound 7004 Floor and Porch paint on the trim in a couple of hours!

There was a break between the primer and top coats because I accidentally knocked over a half gallon of primer all over my wood floor. Le SIGH. There was a lot of cupping of hands and scooping action going on.

trim is painted, but the walls haven’t gotten a top coat
So glad that brown is gone on the trim

That is now black mist spray paint, two full beers and half a gallon of primer spilled on my living room floor in a week.

If anyone wants to get on me about painting the woodwork, I’ll leave you with this:007

The wood was painted with opaque brown varnish nasty.

After that, I cut in and rolled a coat of Zinsser 1-2-3 primer on the walls and ceiling and then 2 coats of Clark + Kensington flat enamel in Casa Blanca (which is an Ace Hardware color.) The ceiling and medallion were also painted Casa Blanca.010  012

I finished the last coat on Sunday morning, a couple of hours before my daughter’s 5th birthday party with all her friends (NOT hosted at our house, luckily!) and she was most def not impressed with my paint splattered face/hair. And I quote: “Mom. You need to look fab for my party. Wash the paint out of your hair.”

Whoa, way harsh Tai.

The ceiling looks soooooooooooooooo much better!007 015

Remember how it was?008


The Lane étagères got one last heavy coat of Rustoleum Gloss Black spray paint. Light coats for the first couple, but heavy for the last one if you want it to be glossy.009

I took a break after sanding and painting the living room to…. sand and paint my front door? Damn. I need a social life.

I can’t even hold a pen without my hand cramping and turning into a claw.

This past Thursday after work, I stopped at Ikea and picked up two 30″x15″ Sektion cabinets to start framing out, and got exactly this far. Assembled and shoved into the pantry. 005

I am thinking that will be my weekend project, and then I can start moving things back in the living room. Because my anxiety is mounting living with this chaos. 013 014

The waiting. Which is the hardest part for a control freak like me.

I can feel my shoulders tensing up just thinking about it.

Update from the eBay seller is that my light fixture just shipped from China 10/26. All the sad faces and tears. The new tracking number provided doesn’t give an estimate of when it’s supposed to arrive either. This is outside of the initial shipping time frame that was presented when I purchased. I have lost my chill and opened a formal case about it – not that it changed the speed of the shipping or anything. My hope is that I will get a delivery date though. NOT COOL SELLER, NOT COOL AT ALL.

It is very likely that it will not be in my possession for the reveal. Which is a huge bummer since it feels integral to the design.

Another item that likely won’t arrive until after the reveal is the coffee table I spontaneously decided to purchase (too late.) My initial mock up had the CB2 Shroom coffee table, which I do like. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to splurge and buy a new coffee table at the moment or just continue to use my acrylic waterfall coffee table (which worked when my couch was against the adjacent wall but now partially blocks the walk path in the couch’s new placement).


The West Elm marble-topped pedestal coffee table went on sale and out popped my credit card. This One Room Challenge has me losing my mind and my barely existent impulse control. I ordered it last week to be delivered to the store (saving me $50) and will take “3-4 weeks to arrive”, the sales person said they have to give that time frame but it sometimes arrives sooner.

I guess I just have to think long term, and if/when these items do appear in my life, before or after the reveal, I get to live with them and it’s not only about the pictures.


Let’s look at pretty things, yes? All of these items are the finishing touches and are either on order (the agony of waiting!) or in my possession.


Wow. A lot of West Elm stuff worked it’s way into my living room. Like, maybe I should be embarrassed? Or, have my living room featured in their catalogue. Yeah, let’s go with that one.

They just have some good shit over there. Shiny. I love shiny.

  1. West Elm Cozy texture throw in Rosette

2. West Elm Fabric by the yard – Luster Velvet in Celestial blue (this is the fabric I ordered for ugly couch to be reupholstered in, and when I ordered it was on sale for $17/yard)

3. Pouf from Etsy shop BerberPoufs

4. West Elm Tumbler Side table in Antique brass (which I would have gotten in copper if I had known about the coffee table in my future)

5. West Elm Marble-topped pedestal coffee table

6. West Elm Oversized Metal rod in Antique brass

7. Safavieh Casablanca rug (I purchased the 9×12 from Overstock a couple of months ago and they seem to be out of stock now.)

8. West Elm Cotton Canvas Curtain – I detest purchasing curtains, they seem so expensive but I like having them. I kept putting off picking them up, and in this case procrastination patience paid off. They are on sale for $29 per panel for all lengths! I swooped up 4 of the 108″ ASAP. They have to get hemmed a couple of inches before I can hang them though.

Like I said, a whole lot of West Elm. SPONSER ME, WEST ELM. GET AT ME.

So here I am, waiting. I am still waiting for my couch, waiting for the light fixture, and waiting for the coffee table. The next two weeks are going to be tense, and my husband is probably going to continue talking to me in calming and quiet tones while gesturing for me to calm down and not attack him like some feral animal.

Still waiting for my door and wallpaper for my other project.

And my credit card info got stolen! I may shop at the hardware store pretty often, but I do not generally spend $500+ at sporting good stores. The universe telling me to put it away? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, UNIVERSE.

Plan for this coming week:

  • Build, sand, paint media console
  • Hang curtain rods/panels
  • Paint wood on craigslist chairs matte black (I haven’t decided on the fabric for reupholstering yet – although Braemore Jamil always seems like a good idea. It won’t get done before the reveal either way)
  • Move things back into the room and start styling? Like I even know how to style. LOLOLOL
  • Mental breakdown and soul cleansing cry

and more waiting.


One Room Challenge Fall 2015: I be stressin’

Wow. That week went by quickly and left me bruised, sore and dead on my feet tired.

Linda from Calling it Home is kind enough to host this One Room Challenge and allow us to link up with our progress.

Many of you are new to my blog (I am still a very shy blogger!) since I linked up for the ORC.

I did a very poor job of introducing myself in my first ORC post, I’ll take a minute to do that now.

My name is Madeline and 3 years ago, my husband and I bought a modest 100 year old house in South Minneapolis, MN. Since moving in, my daughter and husband have endured countless projects, power tool sounds and dust for days.

My husband has no interest in it, which means I get to make most of the decisions; I also have to do it myself.

In the beginning I started so many projects without finishing any, that caused so much anxiety. From that, I decided to create this blog in hopes to reign in some and focus. Also, a place for me to express into words all the crazy that is in my head from said projects.

I’m sure many in the blogosphere can relate to that!

Now onto the update!

The room that I chose to work on is our living room. It’s the last room on our main floor that hasn’t been updated much since moving in – except ugly couch.

I was also the most reluctant to work on it, since we spend so much time in there hanging out. It’s hard to find the motivation to move everything out, when it mostly functions. It was an eyesore though, and the last room with drywall on the original plaster – I already removed the drywall in the kitchen, pantry, dining room and entry room.

Side note – the house was purchased by flippers from a woman who had lived there a very long time (without updating anything) and it fell into disrepair. The house flippers put drywall on every surface to cover the original walls and ceilings. They didn’t love this house, and did a poor job with it, I saw that and wanted to love this house so I purchased it in spite of wanting to change most of the things they “updated”.

Since the couch was FINALLY sent out to be upholstered, now is the time to get to the room.

In case you missed it, my first post outlined my plan for the room and the second post displayed my lack of progress.

That embarrassment was what I needed to spur me into action. Since then I patched, patched and patched some more. There. were. so. many. cracks.

I spent 14 hours straight on Saturday putting the fiberglass mesh and two coats of joint compound on the walls and ceiling.

As per my normal routine, the fist coat was the DuraBond joint compound because it is very strong but such a hassle to sand. The next two coats were EZsand because, well, the name kind of gives it away. I buy the powder bags and mix small batches. Since it chemically hardens, you can do several coats in one day.

My eyes needed some pretty, so I put up this ceiling medallion. It’s 32″ and pretty ornate. I was worried it would be too overwhelming for the room, but I love traditional medallions with modern light fixtures.

My claw hands needed a break from the joint knife, so I decided to spray paint my two Lane faux bamboo étagères. I had purchased one of them earlier this year, and picked up its pair this past weekend. Nothing against the wood, but the bases had some wear in the veneer and I thought a gloss black would look stellar. I wiped them down with TSP and let them dry.028

Since I had papered off most of the floor (I had run out and there was a 6’x3′ chunk on the floor that wasn’t covered), I decided to plastic off the walls and spray them in my empty living room. 3 cans of spray paint later and there were hella fumes. I put a fan in the room to suck the air out the front door. Little did I realize it was pulling the fine mist overspray throughout the rest of my house.030

FML. Not pictured: me ripping up the paper and on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor with dawn soap to remove the black mist all over. It was a panic filled hour.

I went back to the 3rd coat of joint compound on Monday evening after work and spraying the shelves.002 003 004 005 008

At this point, most of the ceiling was new joint compound.

Ever since I started using my random orbital sander to smooth out the joint compound, I ain’t never going back to manual sanding. I use 220 grit paper, otherwise it will put groove marks in the mud. Although this speeds up the process, it is HARD holding a sander over your head for a couple of hours and moving it around. It still took me about 5 hours on Tuesday to sand all the surfaces.

I was definitely tired and close to tears while I was doing that. It’s so dusty and loud and heavy and my pores felt filthy.

I just knew that if I kept going and primed the walls after that, it would make it seem worth my effort.

So I vacuumed everything, wiped down the baseboards and trim with soapy water and taped off the floor/windows when it was dry.

After my daughter went to sleep on Tuesday evening, I painted everything with a coat of Zinsser Oil based primer. I have said it before and I mean it: I love oil based primer. There just isn’t anything like it when it comes to sealing in fresh joint compound or adhering to glossy wood. My husband took pity on my and rolled the walls and ceiling while I did cut in.

AHHHHHH. So much better.009 011 013 014 015 016

That green was so offensive to my eyes.

A reminder: 005

Wednesday was a relaxed evening with a caulk gun and spackling nail holes in trim, to prepare for 4 more coats of paint on the trim. I’m going to use the sprayer that I used to paint my aluminum storm windows. That will hopefully speed up that process!

The walls and ceiling will get another coat of primer, latex this time, and two coats of Casa Blanca in the flat Clark + Kensington.

Ignore the pathetic dangly fixture in the pictures. I ordered my light fixture weeks ago off of eBay, shipping from China. I knew there was always some gamble in that, but the seller has good reviews and I’ve never had an issue before. Then on Tuesday, I get this tiny little package from China that says ‘chandelier’ on it. Ummm. Where’s the rest of it?! It was a tiny flash light. And eBay says that my light fixture got delivered. Holy shit. Panic. Did I just buy a several hundred dollar flash light?! I opened a case and was assured by the seller that the fixture is still in transit and the package was just a gift.

Fingers crossed that it actually does exist, gets here in time and that I wasn’t bamboozled out of dollars.

Lots done, still so much to do.

I am planning on picking up everything I need and working on my DIY media console this weekend and hopefully painting the trim/radiator tomorrow.

I am going to nap so hard when my couch comes back.


Big plans for the smallest room in the house and the porch and aluminum storm windows got painted

behr cracked pepper ; benjamin moore black tar ; painted aluminum storm windows

As seems to happen with most of the projects I start, I had no intention of working on this one anytime soon.

I didn’t know it at the time, but it really started years ago when I started renovations on the rest of the house, and decided to paint the original clapboard on our enclosed porch.

I am not really sure what I was thinking, but I went to Home Depot yanked a pine green swatch off the wall and left with a gallon of exterior paint.

In my zeal, I started painting right away. It was going quickly and I was pleased with the progress… until I took a step back. No, no, No. I did NOT like the color and I stopped mid-painting. There ended any emotional attachment to the porch, no longer used for dinners or lounging in the sunshine. Dead to me.020

It was around that time that extra shit that I didn’t want to see inside, or have the room for started to make it’s way outside to the porch. A radiator from the kitchen (still unattached to the plumbing, but now back in the kitchen!), the extra couch when Ugly couch came along. The old tv console when I made over the craigslist credenza. Before I knew it, our porch was white trash as hell and I didn’t even care.

We would just walk past it and straight into the house. I of course had the wherewithal to die a little inside anytime a guest would come over, natch.

Then this past summer, my husband suggested that maybe we should spend some time on it. I was working on the pantry, and pushed it out of my head, kindly suggesting that he could get started on it.

After finishing the pantry (updates soon!), I thought that maybe he was right. Maybe it didn’t have to look quite so terrible. Maybe when the mail man dropped off our mail they wouldn’t assume that we had a distillery upstairs in the bathtub making moonshine.

It was late summer at this point and in Minnesota we never know when fall is going to happen.

I drove off to my local Ace Hardware and picked up a gallon of Clark + Kensington flat exterior paint color matched to Behr Cracked Pepper and a gallon of satin paint color matched to Benjamin Moore Black Tar.

It was relatively quick to clear most of the stuff out of there. After vacuuming and wiping down the walls with TSP, I got to painting! YES! So good to see the green disappear. The clapboard got a coat with a paintbrush in the Cracked Pepper and the trim got the satin Black Tar.023 021

Then… the aluminum storm windows stuck out like a sore thumb. And I HATED the steel exterior door that fit so poorly in the door jamb and almost ruined my marriage.027

You probably didn’t think an inanimate object could do that, but it most def can. Last fall, my husband and I were trying to re-hang the door and adjust it so it wasn’t so drafty. This led to such annoyance and aggravation, which led to a ginormous fight. I was bitterly reminded of this when I looked at the door, and my feeling toward it quickly turned to contempt.

I feel all the feels – strongly.

If we I (as soon as I bought the paint somehow jurisdiction of this project became mine and my husband slinked off to the shadows, thanks hon) was going to spend time painting and beautifying the porch, why would I leave such ugly storms and door?

This is where our littlest room gets affected.

As is common with a lot of older houses in colder climates, there’s a very small room between the exterior door and interior house door. In the case of my house, I have the porch door, the exterior house door, the small room (I’m going to call it a ‘vestibule’) and interior door.

I hate the porch door too – it’s only 29″ wide! Ugh. Can’t hardly fit anything through it.

Anyways, hating two out of three doors was too much for delicate psyche and I made some decisions.

I liked the interior door, it’s solid hardwood with a nice glass pane. And the measurements were 36″x84″… which are the dimensions that the exterior jamb needed and the contemptuous steel door fell flat of (thus the draft.)

OMG! Brillz idea. Let’s get rid of the steel door, move the existing wood door to replace that one and then order a new door for the interior! One with lots of glass that will lighten the area visually.

Except, apparently this is no longer a common skill. I mean, I knew it wasn’t one of my skills, but I figured someone had it. I made several, several phone calls and got the same response: “we only install pre-hung doors.”

Pre-hung doors come from the manufacturer screwed to a jamb and sill. Old houses have to be retro-fitted for that kind of sill, which raises the frame opening up.

I pouted. I already have a jamb and a door. I don’t want a pre-hung door.

I turned my attention to something I could do. Removing some trees that obscured the street from the porch and painting the aluminum storm windows.

It only took about 40 minutes to cut down these trees and bundle them up! Sunshine on the porch!006 007

The previous owners hated me. They must have. That’s only exclamation I can think of for why they put non-paintable silicone caulk on every surface they could.

It took me probably 15+ hours with a putty knife and razors to remove all of it from the 10 window frames.

I removed the bottom glass pane to leave only the top and screen, vacuumed the hell out of them and scrubbed them with TSP and a brass wire brush. I found a garden sprayer to be invaluable for this! It’s a wet process though, I recommend keeping the wet/dry shop vac close by. At one point, I was like a dentist. Spray/suction combo for the win!029 030 031 033 034 035 036

After giving them several hours to dry, I re-caulked and carefully taped the glass off with frog tape and painters plastic. I left the screens in and put plastic loosely on the other side (I did run into a problem with this, but I’m not sure of the solution.)039

I purchased the Campbell Hausfeld DH380000AV Pressure-Feed Spray Gun from Amazon and used a 6 Gal pancake compressor. The manual says it won’t work, but it does.

Two coats of Zinsser latex primer and two coats of the exterior paint in Black Tar went like a breeze! The sprayer made things so so so much easier. I was thrilled.

The issue. The plastic on the outside got stuck to the screen with paint, causing some paint to stick to them. I have decided to re-screen them when I have the chance!

Anyways. YES. DO THIS. It made such a difference visually.033 behr cracked pepper ; benjamin moore black tar ; painted aluminum storm windows

While I was working on that, I started asking my coworkers for recommendations on handy men or carpenters. One suggested a good friend of hers. I gave him a call, explained the situation, he looked at it and promised to come back later in the week to move the door.

Happy dance! Nervousness. Things never go that smoothly.

I had picked out a door to order, but held off since I was worried that there may be in issue moving the door and then I would have a useless door taking up room and mocking my life’s decisions.

As promised, Arnie and his friend showed up and instantly got to work. They planed the door down to fit the jamb and cut new mortises for the hinges in the jamb. Then they attempted to screw the hinges to the jamb and they caught on nothing! Removing the casing showed that there was a several inch gap between the jamb and framing.

At this point, they had been working on this for hours and it was getting late. They used 3″ wood screws and got the door hung.

I was thankful for how much time they put in, and ultimately they did solve my problem.

But, those wood screws were ugly. And I am so over ugly right now.

I spent a couple of hours last Friday putting wood blocks behind the hinges and between the jamb and framing lumber. Then putting the pretty screws in the hinges.

This was a blessing because I was able to shim the jamb so the door shuts snugly! I used great stuff to insulate. No more drafts!009 010

The door is currently painted Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray on one side, and Juniper on the other. I like both the colors, but I don’t like the blue against the black trim. 005


I painted the porch door Juniper and I love the brightness of the green against the black.011

The exterior door is going to get a coat of Clark + Kensington OPI Care to Danse? as soon as I get two minutes away from the living room and One Room Challenge.

Which leads me to the plans for the vestibule….

New door ordered! After I got over my initial shock of how expensive doors are. Wowzers. I ordered through my local lumber yard and chose a Buffelen door in Douglas Fir with 4 glass panes. Buffelen 6054G door

The original doors in the house are 6 panel. I wanted to nod to that but liked the more modern aspect of the larger glass panes. It’s going to get a coat of the pale pink paint and dressed up with some gorgeous crystal knobs from Rejuvenation.

The larger glass will also work better to see this wallpaper that is going up in the vestibule. ellie cashman deisgn dark floral 2 black desaturated

Yes. Black, brass, pink and flowers.

I am also waiting on this little beauty to arrive and light up my porch.lucent lightshop sputnikMy husband had the best idea when he suggested we clear out the porch.

One Room Challenge Fall 2015: No. 2

Today is week 2 of the One Room Challenge Fall 2015, hosted by Linda of Calling it Home.

I am so grateful that she facilitates such a wonderful motivator to get shit done.

Last week’s post gave an overview of my plan and my end goal for the room.

This post is to update on progress made, and I am sad to say there hasn’t been nearly as much as I would like in the living room.

I might have elected to dress up and go to a wedding instead of working on it…. and a series of other excuses (including working on some other projects.)

As it stands, the room got cleared out (and now the rest of my house looks like an explosion went off – seriously. It didn’t even seem like there was that much in there.), and all the drywall forcefully ripped from the walls. Leaving behind hundreds of screws, screw holes and cracks.003


and the most hideous avocado green walls AND ceiling.005

In all fairness, the walls could definitely be worse! I got slapped in the face by that sad reality in my pantry.

I did get all the screws removed from the walls and ceiling.

It’s going to take 3 coats of joint compound on all the holes and tape on all the cracks plus 3 coats of joint compound. Then the most tedious part of sanding! Two coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. I’ll probably be done with it in a couple of days. Yeah, right. Dead.008

I think I have a plan for a DIY media console too.

How profesh is that elevation, yo?012

Apparently, Ikea sells 30″x15″ cabinet frames, but not the doors for them?

I checked out semihandmade and planned to go that route, they sell the DIY slab for $33 each – but the shipping is $75-$85… for 4 doors.

The other day, I was zoning out and my husband asked what I was thinking about. I exclaimed: “I think I’m going to try my hand at veneering!”

That’s when he just shook his head and walked out of the room.

Back to the cabinet doors. Now my plan is to buy an MDF board and make my own doors and veneer them. I have no idea how that’s going to go since I’ve never veneered or made cabinet doors before. I’m mostly concerned about the holes for the hinges and getting everything lined up.

I have the mouille ‘inspired’ light fixture ordered, and fingers crossed that it comes in time.

Same with my couch, I hope that’s all going well. I miss my couch.

I think that’s all I have for now! I’m planning on starting the patching process later tonight and continuing over the weekend.

I have been busy on some non-ORC related house stuff, some I am so excited about, and that’s a different post for a different day. It may, or may not involve this though. That’s all I’m sayin’.


One Room Challenge Fall 2015: The Living room


So. I had thought about linking up to the Fall One Room Challenge a couple of months ago, but then decided against it. I don’t have the full budget to COMPLETELY finish a room, and I’ve been meaning to be more deliberate with my choices and changes, which takes time.

But…. fate would have it that ugly couch was picked up by the upholsterer two days ago and now I only have a couple of weeks to get my living room ready for its grand return.

It then occurred to me that the One Room Challenge might in fact be EXACTLY what I need… since I have that bad habit of not quite finishing any projects. I realized, I’m also not very good at taking ‘After’ pictures and putting them on the blog! I should work on that too.

I won’t can’t promise it will be a completed, finished and styled room. It won’t be. My goal from this is to lay down the foundational pieces, and enjoy a prettier-than-it-was room while taking time after to cultivate the room I want.

Here it is:living room befores living room befores living room befores

Please ignore the poor picture quality and darkness. I took them last night when the sun was setting! Again, joining the ORC was kind of a spur of the moment decision. Also, bad ‘befores’ make good ‘afters’ even better? The more accurate ‘before’ will be after I rip off all the drywall.

That gray color on the walls was purchased before we closed on the house. I had no idea that it would go so purple. It was the first time that my confidence in choosing paint colors was rattled (it led to my paint samples and swatches paralysis.) It ended up just being a bummer of a color to look at.

Trust. It looks so much better right now than it’s going to look when I tear down the drywall to expose probably avocado green paint and hundreds of screw holes. Fingers crossed there’s no wall paper underneath.

If you’re new to my blog, you may be confused as to why I would pull down perfectly good drywall. The answer is simple: I am irrational.

That, and it was put on top of the original plaster walls and the dry wall sticks out over the baseboards and window casing 1/2″. Drives me mad.

The plan:

  • Clear the room (duh)
  • Rip off drywall from walls and ceiling
  • Drink wine
  • Patch a million holes from drywall screws and repair cracks
  • Sand smooth
  • Cry and regret life decisions
  • Prime and Paint walls and trim x 5
  • Build new media console for TV (still working out the plan for this in my head)
  • Fill the room with lovely stuff
  • Drink lots of wine and watch Netflix on my new couch

Sounds good?

Here’s a very poor mock up of some of what I’m planning on:living room mockup

The couch in the picture is from Yellow Brick house! Mine is going to be much more teal, but this one was pretty close in shape and depth of color. Also,  it’s the  picture that brought me to their blog to begin with!

Getting rid of the depressing gray and dark trim is going to be the first thing, and is just what this room needs. I’m planning on lots of white, with black accents and the couch making the statement.

My hope is for a bright, comfortable but classy room that is not too serious nor precious for my 5 year old daughter and nephew to play in.

I have some existing projects that I’m wrapping up (the porch) and some that will continue (the vestibule) while I’m working on this room, too. Gods be kind.

All in all, I am so excited for this.

Thank you for stopping by! Any support is amazing.

See what everyone else is up to!