Light bulb base converters / adapters

E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter

After all the awesomeness of the One Room Challenge, this post is going to seem pretty lame.

Still! When I received my light fixture from China with two broken bulbs, I didn’t know it was going to be an issue to replace them.

The base of the light bulbs needed for the fixture are E14 – standard candelabra bases in the US are E12 and were too small and normal light bulb bases are far too large.

Ordering E14 light bulbs are annoyingly expensive and since not readily available, I would have to keep re-ordered online.

After some googling, I found there are screw on adapters out there that make E12 candelabra bases the correct E14 size, which means I could buy light bulbs from general stores here and no stress about it.

I purchased these ones from amazon, they work perfectly.

Left: E14 base Right: E12 candelabra base
E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter
Adapters screw on to E12 base

I love a good simple solution. E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter

One Room Challenge Fall 2015: Week 6 and THE REVEAL

Casa blanca Clark + Kensington safavieh Casablanca rug

Linda from Calling it Home hosts this 6 week challenge on her blog and invites fellow bloggers to link to her site.

I am very excited to see how everyone’s projects turned out!

After a grueling several weeks, it is finally time for the One Room Challenge reveal. I am equally thrilled to have participated and so happy it’s over.

If you are new to my blog and challenge, I chose to do my living room.

It is the room we spend the majority of our time in, and was the most sorely neglected on our main level. Over past 3 years, it has hosted random furniture and miscellaneous tools and construction debris from other projects.

It started with a room with minimal organization and a lot of random items got shoved in where they fit in. The light fixture was a non-descript basic light that was up when we purchased the house. The wall color was a blah gray that was painted on the drywall that was covering the original 100 year old plaster walls.

After removing the drywall and screws, it left avocado green walls with a ton of screw holes and countless cracks on the ceiling.004

I spent hours upon hours, filling holes and patching cracks in preparation of sanding smooth, priming all the surfaces and trim and painting everything fresh!003

After things got all painted, I lost my mind and ordered a ton of things and then very anxiously waited for them to arrive in the mail, delays  had me stressing that my light fixture wouldn’t arrive in time. It did though, and I was able to start bringing items back in and see the room taking shape.

In week 5, I started on a DIY media console out of two Ikea Sektion wall cabinets.

I was told that my ugly couch, which had finally been sent out to be reupholstered (after a YEAR of waffling over fabric swatches), might not be done in time for the reveal. Cue the wine and sleepless nights.

After an email to the upholstering company explaining the importance of the ORC and impact to my emotional wellbeing, I was told that they would try their best.

AND THEY DID! THE COUCH CAME BACK AND IT IS WONDERFUL.west elm luster velvet celestial blue fabric curved velvet tufeted couch

There is a skirt on it, which was supposed to be removed, and it got (poorly) stapled up by me – awaiting someone to come back and remove it correctly.


While the room is definitely not finished finished (the mirror is a place holder and the room needs more art and the coffee table is still on order, chairs need new fabric, etc. champagne problems), I love how much it has changed with paint alone (the power of paint!)

I ramble too much. Now too many pictures! IMG_1038 IMG_0992 IMG_0991 IMG_0990 IMG_0995 Snowbound, Clark + Kensington Casablanca ; safavieh casablanca rug ; blue tufted velvet couch

Some of the angles give a better idea of how my house floor plan is – and how much the other rooms still need to be worked on! IMG_0980

The media console mostly got finished – enough for right now! It involved a failed attempt with cutting plywood and an emergency trip to Ikea on a Sunday morning (shudders.) I’ll have to do a separate post for that. IMG_0994 IMG_0997

Lara Stone print – The Aestate

You’ll have to forgive my poorly styled (by the interwebs standard) shelves, I mostly put the stuff back up that had been on the floating shelves in the room before. It’s honestly one of the only things in life I don’t agonize over.DSC06247 DSC06245

My daughter’s books were put back on the shelf by her after I asked her to help. I understand they are haphazard and an eyesore to most, they are so important to our family and this room. She spends a lot of time in here reading them, and I want her to know that her belongings are as important as ours. Except for all the toys and crap – they got hidden in baskets and relegated to the guest room!DSC06251


These chairs still need new fabric, in the mean time, the wood got a fresh coat of flat black paint. It looks great with the brass details. DSC06264

That couch tho.west elm luster velvet tufted couch safavieh casablanca rugDSC06252



  • Wall color – Clark + Kensington Casablanca / Casa Blanca (Ace hardware color)
  • Trim – Sherwin Williams Floor and Porch paint in Snowbound 7004
  • Rug – Safavieh Casablanca 9’x12′ (purchased from Overstock and no longer available)
  • Couch – Vintage and reupholstered in West Elm Luster Velvet in Celestial Blue
  • Chairs – vintage craigslist finds
  • Lane Faux Bamboo Étagères – Retro Wanderlust in Hopkins, MN
  • Waterfall Acrylic coffee table – eBay
  • Ceiling medallion – 32″ English Study medallion
  • Light fixture – eBay
  • Curtain rods – West Elm Oversized Rod
  • Curtains – West Elm Canvas Cotton Curtain
  • Pink throw – West Elm Cozy texture throw (so soft!)
  • Leather Pouf – Etsy
  • Black Pouf – Walmart
  • Side table – West Elm Tumbler side table
  • Pillows and copper basket – Home Goods
  • Media console – DIY
  • Blood, sweat and tears – all provided by me

I want to give another huge shout out to Linda, all the fellow bloggers that linked and all the people who left comments. This room would not have happened without all of this support.

Check out the other blogger’s reveals and the linkup!

Work is going to continue on my house (wallpaper arrived in the mail!), please feel free to continue visiting and follow along on instagram.

Now, a nice long Netflix binge on my new couch.



*All images taken by me and belong to tealandgray

One Room Challenge 2015 Fall: Week 5 and I am worn out, some progress and some setbacks

Clark + Kensington Casablanca ; sherwin williams Snowbound ; serge mouille

If you’re new to this home design and DIY internet phenomena, it’s a challenge to make over one room in 5 weeks (if you’re doing the math) and 6 posts. Linda from Calling it Home hosts it on her site, and allows fellow bloggers to link up with their projects.

All the comments, both on my posts here and instagram, have been so wonderful and have definitely helped me stay motivated! Thank you so much to everyone and I love following along with all of the projects in the ORC.

If new to my blog, I decided to make over my living room for the One Room Challenge.

It started as a blah living room that lacked personality and organization, then went to an avocado green mess, the walls were plastered and sanded, then everything painted.

At this point, I am so physically tired and stressing whether things will show up in my life by the deadline/reveal. I think almost every single muscle in my body is sore and I have developed a perpetual eye spasm.

I had hoped that my body would get some chill after all the mudding/sanding/painting, but no. I guess wrestling three 4’x8′ (ripped down to 16″ width) sheets of plywood into my Honda Civic will make you sore! Everyone always underestimates the little Honda Civic – and the 5’2″ girl in Home Depot carting around all the lumber. I seem to always get some disparaging comment from a male when I purchase lumber, specifically. Why, yes, asshole, I really would love it if it were someone else purchasing that lumber and pulling it around for me. Since no one volunteered, I suppose it will have to be me. Even though I am only a woman.

I could not have rolled my eyes harder.

I might be feeling a little cranky these days.

Week 5 has me sweating, I’m an emotional sweater (glad we are all so close here.) and it might be a little out of control. It is really getting down to crunch time and I might be am freaking out a lot and my life house is in shambles. I, of course, had hoped to be farther along than I am.

I’ll stop complaining now and get on to the good progress!

My light fixture from eBay/China arrived in the mail! The canopy is different than the pictures and the light bulbs that were sent along with it are broken (and EU, so light bulb bases in the US are different and I had to do some internet sleuthing for a solution.) Perhaps I shouldn’t have cheaped out and I should have purchased it from a different site, but it’s up now! There’s probably a life lesson in there somewhere.IMG_3520

The ceiling medallion put the canopy of the fixture 3″ from the ceiling, and the wires were all too short for me to connect them. Luckily (!!!!), they sent along an extra foot of wiring. Some stripping and electrical nuts later, it was all connected and working. At least I had ONE functioning light bulb, otherwise I would not have known if it were a success or not.

So far, no one other than me and people on instagram like it. I keep getting “oh…. that is an…. interesting light” from my family and my husband likened it to a giant crab/sea creature.

ha. I’m cool with that. It took me some time too, it really is quite a statement and a little imposing. A house should reflect the owner’s personality, right. ; )

The aforementioned plywood was promptly cut to size and used for my DIY media console. Framing the Ikea Sektion wall cabinets with 1x2s and 3/4″ plywood went much faster than I expected! I love my compressor and brad nailer big time.

face framed with 1x2s
face framed with 1x2s

I filled in the holes and edges (and let’s be real, my less than perfect cuts with my circular saw) with MH ready patch and sanded it all smooth. I primed with Zinsser 1-2-3 and painted it with Clark + Kensington Exterior Satin enamel in ‘Care to Danse?’ (stupid name.) I was going to paint it white, but ran out of the trim paint and didn’t want to go buy more. My design plan is very calculated, obvs. The color is a very, very pale pink and I love it. I painted my front door with that color and it looks stellar with brass hardware.

I used 1x2s and my kreg jig to build the base and secured it to the body of the console. Threw some tapered furniture legs on that bitch, and BOOM. Console.

A small hiccup.

I used the furniture feet that I had from the craigslist credenza and I could have sworn they were 4″ and didn’t bother to measure. Well, apparently, they are 5 1/2″ and now the console butts right up to the bottom of my tv and doesn’t fit. Whoopsies.

I didn't bother to center it on the wall, since the tv is snug against it
I didn’t bother to center it on the wall, since the tv is snug against it


I have decided to just move the tv mount up on the wall. It seems like getting 4″ legs would be easier, and it would be. But they would have to be shipped and that takes time, and I like the way the 5 1/2″ look. Plus, I usually go the route more difficult and dusty.

Now, I have to cut doors out of left over plywood, drill holes for hinges (note to self: figure out what tool that is Forstner bit and procure it), veneer, edgeband and poly?

I’m saying that with an upwards inflection because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

Fingers crossed that all goes ok.

I plan to do a follow up post tutorial on the DIY media console. Unless it caves in as soon as I put stuff in/on it.

I got the West Elm curtain rods up, and that took LONGER than expected. Measuring + keeping things level + a bored 5 year old = lame.  The curtain panels are getting hemmed by a friend, they will hopefully be hung soon.

Other items have been trickling in, my pouf came (need to fill) and things like the blanket, some art, and tchotchkes.

I cleared out the room, laid down a rug pad and put down the rug! The rug is the Safavieh Casablanca rug and I love, love love it. I purchased it from Overstock, but they are no longer available in the 9’x12′ size. DSC06220 DSC06223

The room looks so much better already!

ignore those paint rollers in the bottom left corner

DSC06229 DSC06230

The not so good news:

After calling two times early last week and not receiving a call back, I sent an email. I got an email response from the upholstering company that has my couch, informing me that they are behind and might not get my couch back to me in the next couple of weeks.


The teal blue velvet couch is kind of my statement piece for the room, and the whole catalyst for my impromptu ORC link up.

I emailed back to them explaining the One Room Challenge and whined that it was very important to me. Word as of today is that they will “try their best”, which is something but not a promise.

I still haven’t gotten that miraculous call from West Elm that my coffee table arrived early either….. I should let go of that one and accept it will not be part of the reveal.

Please send your good vibes this way. The reveal pictures might just show me lying on the floor, crying and clutching a bottle of wine.

The MOST exciting and disruptive variable is that my older sister is 38ish weeks pregnant with my future niece, and I will be expected in the delivery room at the drop of a dime (happily!)


  • Finish media console (I have to get/cut plywood for the back, paint inside and make cabinet doors)
  • Purchase fill for pouch, baskets for organization etc.
  • Hang curtains
  • trim rug pad down
  • Purge and deep clean (clean the windows! I keep forgetting how dusty they are)
  • Bring in and arrange furniture
  • Style
  • COUCH?!
  • Pictures

I am so excited to see everyone’s reveal! Check out all the other projects at the linkup.

Also, follow along on Instagram with the #oneroomchallenge hashtag, my user name is tealandgray.