2015/2016 and all the feels

Happy new year, all!

I have taken quite the break from projects and blogging. My husband tells me it’s ok, but I’m mostly wracked with guilt and drinking wine. I guess I’ve also been enjoying the fruits of my labors in this house. But, guiltily and tipsy.

Since the sun is shining, it seemed like a good time to review the past year and form a plan for this new year.

The past year of blogging helped my motivation and projects tremendously. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the visitors and the kind comments.

I’ve said it before, but I began this blog because I had started 1002454212445 demo projects and my house was in complete upheaval. My anxiety level was on 11 and nothing felt in control. It was a terrible time. Until recently, I did not realize just how much I was mentally affected by clutter and debris.

This past year has lifted a huge weight off my soul.

I didn’t get to A LOT on my list – the kitchen. LOLZ! I didn’t do one single thing to finish it up. It is still without a finished ceiling and a tiny little sink.

Basically, I (apparently) said ‘screw it’ to my own list and focused on my pretty much everything NOT on it. So – let’s forget that list even existed. Next year, you might have to pretend this post never happened, either.

One of the first things I finished last year was the work on my front room. Since it is BAM in yo’ face when you walk in, this was ginormous. It involved skim coating, sanding foreverrrrrrrr, painting, painting, painting.

lucite chandelier

I made a functional walk in pantry! The room got some serious TLC with skim coating, paint and built in shelving. I adore the beautiful custom copper light. I am still collecting jars from ikea to hoard dry goods in there, and will do an updated post some day.008

Judge away, internet. Judge away.

built in book shelves ikea sektion cabinets ikea built in benjamin moore cumulus cloud valspar aspire paint lucent lightshop

I finally re-painted my porch (getting rid of the colors that made me scowl when I came through the porch door, or pulled up to the house in the car) and the windows.behr cracked pepper ; benjamin moore black tar ; painted aluminum storm windows

Most importantly, I participated in the One Room Challenge Fall 2015 and transformed my living room. It was so stressful, so much work and so AWESOME. I can’t wait to do it again.west elm marble topped pedestal coffee table ; safavieh casablanca rug ; blue velvet couch

The ugly couch got reupholstered, bright white paint, organization and now I love spending time in that room.

The project that came out of nowhere, was the tiny vestibule. After moving the existing wooden door to the exterior, ordering the wallpaper and door, both have been sitting and waiting – mocking me relentlessly.


2016. What up?

This year is about the continuation of finishing.

The vestibule. Yes, it is an obvious one.

I have primed the door and stripped the lacquer off the brass hinges (which took almost literally forever. LITERALLY.) I have to schedule a time for the handyman to come out and hang it. When that is done, the wallpaper will get hung, as well (I have nightmares of putting the wallpaper up first and an unwieldy wooden door crashing into it during installation and fucking it up. Shudders.)


Farrow and Ball Down Pipe and pink

I have been holding on to yards and yards (like, so many yards) of pink linen to be made into drapes for the dining room. I don’t sew, and having custom drapes made isn’t exactly free – so it’s been low on the list with all the other shit going on.

Black out roman shades for the living room. I LOVE the look of the bright, and airy windows with the white curtains, but, we have a plasma TV (the husband picked it out and it does poorly with glare). I am not going to find a budget for a new TV, I’m going to find a budget for new shades. I have some fabric samples on order, I want to keep it visually light still.

For video gaming related reasons, I have gotten the thumbs up from the husband to spend an unreasonable amount of money on window dressings. Don’t tell him that I don’t actually need his blessing for that.

Besides buying some new chairs earlier this year, the dining room hasn’t gotten much attention. In addition to the pink drapes, the dining room should get a rug. I don’t want anything too precious because 5 year olds eat in the room regularly. I pop on to ebay every now and then see if any fit the bill (which is old, pale color scheme and cheap), not so far.

I borrowed the picture from Overstock – and apparently it’s “white”

The chairs are American Atelier Banks side chair. Great for kids.

I would love to buy a new chandelier for the dining room. I have my heart set on this one:m_SR5017HAB-NP(1)

My hearts goes all pitter patter.

Oh, and as always. Finish up the moulding in there.

The porch! After painting it, I started working on the living room project and the porch became my work shop. Whoops.

When the temperature is more cooperative, I plan on clearing it out (again) and putting some chairs and an outdoor dining area together.

Even though I would way rather buy the new chandelier with the money (team pretty vs. practical), we are going to buy a niceeeeee dishwasher. My husband has nothing but contempt for the GE one that came with the house, and since that asshole dishwasher just sprung a leak…. a new one is first on the list.

Last, but probably the most important, is giving my 5 year old a brand spankin’ new big girl bedroom. That will likely be the biggest project I start, as it includes drywall removal and plaster repair. She doesn’t know it’s going to happen yet, and I am really looking forward to it. All she wants is to invite her friends over, and I want to give that to her. The past couple of years have not been conducive to play dates here, with all the power tools and all. She has been incredibly patient and understanding with the delay, and she really deserves it.

That means doing something with the ‘playroom’. I use that term very loosely, because at the moment it’s a small bedroom with all her shit shoved in there. Toy purgatory.

Fingers crossed that if I set the workload bar low – I’ll totes be able to finish it?

I bought a fancy camera, still no idea how to use it and so far the USB cord seems to be faulty. I haven’t actually been able to transfer any photos from it. I’m going to go ahead and blame the lack of posting on the camera.

Cheers to the new year!