ellie cashman dark floral wallpaper

You know when you have an idea in your head and maybe you even have the items in your possession or favorited on your etsy profile for like EVER and then someone else puts it on the interwebs first? Then you’re left there with a bottle of wine and questioning ‘what is life?’ and ‘if I didn’t put it on Instagram, did it even exist?’

And you’re probs burning up with jealousy because they have angelic lighting and perfect pictures. And perfect houses. And perfect hair.

Then you go: DAFUQ am I ugly crying over? I got some motherfucking curtains, yo. Then you dab at your ‘prom just got ruined’ raccoon eyes with your beautiful drapes.

No? Only me?


That’s right. I finally sent my pink linen to be sewn into wonderful french pleated drapes and I ordered beautiful lucite and brass curtain rods to hang them on. IMG_1124

I’m feeling pretty good about that. Good enough to finally paint the second coat of Farrow and Ball Down Pipe on the walls in my dining room in preparation. Those walls have been waiting 1 1/2 years for that, bee tee dub.

The trim was painted out in the eggshell finish. And am I the only one that thinks the F&B paint smells like damp dirt?

MY WALLPAPER WAS INSTALLED. It is more amazing than pictures can portray. I love, love, love it. ellie cashman dark floral wallpaperBetter pictures when I can figure out how to take better pictures of such a small room.

The door is prepped and painted, but scheduling the handyman (whom I quite like), has been a lot of phone tag. Or…. It’s the fact that I gave that task to the husband and he’s like way lower on the neuroticism scale than me.

I bleached my dark brown hair blonde. Like, really blonde. It’s not house related, but it’s about me and this is my blog sooooooo it counts. I have to go back for another session to lighten it a little bit more. It’s most def an adjustment and people were not lyin’ about the maintenance. I am maybe the laziest when it comes to my hair, I can hardly be bothered to brush it, as in I hardly DO brush it.

See the concentration it takes for me to take a selfie? I might have had a mini aneurism.

I had said that I was planning on giving my daughter a newly designed room. These Roman shades showed up in the mail today!img_3937


I mean, they didn’t just “show up”, it took lots of money and weeks for shipment and then customs gave me a hella hard time to get them through. I had to fill out this crazy detailed form, like I’m some sort of textile expert. I am not, if you were wondering.

Since they have shown up right before the spring One Room Challenge is starting, I think I’m going to do my daughter’s bedroom for it! Yay! Crazy! Exciting! Kind of regretting committing to it on the internet!

So far I am excelling at my goal in spending lots and lots of money on textiles for the house.