I want to gut my bathroom and remodel it, but, I am poor.

Bet ya’ll thought I was going to pull the ol’ ‘disappear-for-a-year-then-blog-for-the-ORC-then-disappear’ act again?

I wouldn’t blame you.

I admit, I did take a few weeks off from house remodeling to recover from the fall one room challenge. I read some books, went to the gym again, slept. Normal activities that don’t require respirators and chemicals.

On one of those mornings, I glanced into my tiny little 5’x10′ bathroom and decided I needed a change.

I had painted the tan tile black, and that was a few years ago. It’s held up basically as well as paint in a bathroom can hold up? Which is to say, that it’s peeling in chunks and looks pretty badly at this point.

So, then I thought of just updating the tile. Which, of course, transitioned to a plan to gut the whole bathroom within minutes.

One of my biggest points of contention with the tiny room of plumbing, is the so called ‘bath tub’. When the bathroom was remodeled before we purchased the house, they put in this stupidly shallow drop in tub.

I did the only logical thing to be done: went on craigslist.

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