7 months

Is how long I lived with my kitchen having un-painted joint compound walls, un-grouted and unfinished tiles on the walls, exposed studs (and ceiling) and a bare bulb hanging for a light.

It became the norm, and was loads better than the several weeks of no stove, no kitchen sink, and months without a dishwasher.

In an effort to be thrifty (I pretty much always fail at that), I decided to work on my kitchen since I had most of the materials.

I grouted, siliconed, tiled some more, grouted some more, replaced drywall, taped and mudded, sanded the skim coat, primed, painted, and added chair rail.

After all that, it still somehow didn’t seem like ENOUGH. Like a big enough change, worthy of the internet. I kept thinking, maybe after I get a new light shade, maybe after I get art? Maybe outlet covers would help.

To be honest, it’s just not done. And it won’t be until I save up and plan for the rest of the cabinets. I am struggling between wanting to finish the kitchen, and putting my efforts/time/money into the rest of the house, so it doesn’t look quite so crack house. But, you know what? The kitchen works. It functions so much better than before. I have a sink, I have a dishwasher. I have painted walls! In fact, the kitchen walls are the most finished. Ha.

Such is life!


The walls got painted Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor in Matte/Flat Aura 25% Darker. This color is gorgeoussssssss. I love complex paint colors, that change with the lighting. Sometimes this paint color looks very navy, and in the sunlight a beautiful emerald green. Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor Aura Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor Aura

The cabinets were custom made by a company that works with the Amish. They were made to my specifications in a modern shaker, inset and slab drawer style. The color is Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004 with a catalytic conversion varnish.

The hardware is the Duluth pull (4″) in polished nickel and the Chatham knob (1″), also in polished nickel, from Restoration Hardware.Restoration Hardware Duluth Pull Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004 Restoration Harware Chatham knob Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004

The trim is painted with Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004 in Floor and Porch enamel.

The subway tile is the Imperial Bianco Gloss 3 x 6 from the Tile Shop.the tile shop Imperial gloss subway tile The Tile Shop Gloss subway tiles

The perimeter counter tops are the numerar from Ikea. They are only in place until I have all the cabinets, and then a soapstone slab selected! After the wall was removed (which was a quick last minute add on to the cabinet installation and not very well planned), I had no counters for the new and make-shift cabinets. Which prompted a trip to ikea with my sister, and some finagling of the countertop into the car. Sure, she couldn’t see anything on the right side of the car while she was driving home, that’s why she had me over there. Don’t tell our mom.

This tiny tiny sink was also supposed to be a stop gap measure. I actually have a stainless steel 24″ apron sink, sitting upstairs in a spare room. Speaking of the tiny sink area, it’s an ikea cabinet that I painted in gloss oil black paint, a dishwasher, and a piece of 3/4″ thick plywood painted black. Classy, right?

Our peninsula countertop is walnut butcher block, and it is super lovely. We have it oiled and I adore it both for its beauty and it’s function. I ordered it from the Hardwood Lumber company, ordering was easy and the delivery went without a hitch. Although, I had this super heavy and massive pallet sitting in my living room for awhile.

I have a Bosch 300 series Induction cooktop, which was discontinued soon after I purchased it? Anyways. LOVE LOVE LOVE that thing. I had always used a gas stove previously, and was a little worried to change. It’s amazing! I don’t even have to worry about my 4 year old daughter sitting right by the area when I am cooking. I really can’t recommend switching to induction enough. GET IT.Bosch induction cooktop

Underneath the cooktop, I have a Bosch 300 electric oven? I actually don’t remember! It seems like they discontinued it as well. It’s electric, and so far, no complaints. Bosch induction cooktop

Lighting. I have 4 can lights installed with LED light bulbs. I purchased the Harding fixture in natural brass from Schoolhouse Electric. There is sat hung, without a shade. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with the lighting in my very traditional looking kitchen. I want to mix up lots of styles, but sometimes, I get stuck in a one style state of mind. That’s when I remembered what Christina from Full House did with her Harding pendant. I purchased the pendant shade from Antique Lamp Supply. I really like it! Definitely not enough light for the average kitchen solely, but good low lighting. Schoolhouse electric Harding pendant 12" Special Half-Frost Industrial Style Pendant Shade, 6" fitter

Here’s mostly where I’m at with the kitchen!059 058 050 Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor Aura the tile shop Imperial gloss subway tile walnut butcher block counter walnut flooring Bosch induction cooktop painting vinyl windows

A ceiling, the radiator put back (by where the stools are), and a new wall sconce are still needed. We will see what 2015 brings.