What I’m on: July 2016

Making: Currently, nothing. I just finished the moulding in the dining room, my hands are feeling restless and my anxiety is rising. I should take up whittling and carve my own egg and dart.

Cooking: Chocolate chip cookies. You guys, the recipe on the back of the milk chocolate Ghirardelli chocolate chips is so good. I use this ungodly expensive organic local butter (it’s like $8 and super high fat) but they are delicious.

Drinking: As much cheap pinot grigio that I can get my greedy little hands on, per the ush. I wish that I could pretend that I was classy, but, I’m not. I like my $4 bottles of wine. When my husband brought home a $6 bottle once, I almost slapped it out of his hands on principle.

Reading: I just finished The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, it has a lot more of a religious theme than I usually read, but it was a very interesting take on the traditional love story.

Wanting: Art for the dining room! I saw this piece from Minted and I loved the colors used.

Enjoying: Sitting poolside with a book. Ya’ll. I can sit down on a bench and read while my daughter continues her never ending search for another family to join while enjoying the wading pool. It’s awesome and life is much improved.

Listening: Bishop Briggs – I am looking forward to a full album. It’s so soulful, but bangs.

Needing: These plates and cutlery from CB2 to fulfill all my dining room dreams of a perfectly set table and food that is bountiful and cooks itself.

Wearing: As little clothing as is societally acceptable, tbh. We’ve had a heat wave in MN (high 90s) and it has been HOT for us. I don’t have a/c in my house and had to scramble to install the two little window units that we haven’t used in a couple of years. I was sweating BEHIND MY KNEES.

Watching: I just finished season 1 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Musicals aren’t really my thing, but the songs are ridiculous enough that it works.

Bookmarking: This post by Mary at ilikeitlovely – I did not know you could paint upholstery with chalk paint (in fact, I’ve never actually used chalk paint. The $30 paint brushes kind of offend my sensibilities.) The pink chairs in my living room are looking a little worse for wear and there is no money for re-upholstering them right now. So I think I might give them a coat of paint and wax and see how that works out. I need another project, anyways.

Feeling: Like this summer is going by so quickly. I am enjoying it so thoroughly, and I think this has been the best summer so far with the kids (fewer tears and petty squabbles than ever before!), but I am sad that it’s almost over and then back to the school grind.


What I’m on: June 2016

I found Molly from Awfully Big Adventure blog from the Spring 2016 ORC and I think she’s charming as all get out.

I stole this (unabashedly) post topic/template from her. I likely will not sound as interesting as her though.

Making: A credenza for my dining room – Well. Rather, I have the intention to.
Cooking: Sautéing fresh spinach in olive oil and minced garlic. I will never get over how much spinach shrinks when cooked. It’s like magic.
Drinking: Newman’s Own lemonade – I love lemonade. I may or may not routinely select which restaurant to patron based on their lemonade. I throw a splash of sparkling water in there if I’m feeling fancy.
Reading: I just finished In a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware – it was a good read and subtly suspenseful. I’ll most def get her next book.
Wanting: The Gleaming Primrose mirror from Anthropology for my front room
Enjoying: Watching t-ball practice from the sidelines. Ya’ll, it’s a disaster out there. There are two kids that will run across the field, knocking over all their teammates and then squabble over the ball. Ain’t no teamwork out there with those 5 year olds.
Loving: The sunshine! It’s been an uncommonly cold and rainy couple of months here in Minnesota.
Listening: Niykee Heaton radio on Pandora
Needing: This Modernica planter stand – I got a new fiddle fig and I need a stand for it. My cat peed relentlessly in the pot of my last one and it lost leaves until my mom rescued it.
Smelling: Hair products – I’m not used to being fragrant. Since going platinum, I’ve had to deep condition my hair regularly. More maintenance than my hair has ever received in life.
Wearing: A crop top! With high waisted jeans or shorts. – I got pregnant with my daughter at 23 and have since struggled with what ‘appropriate’ attire is. This year, I’ve decided it’s ok to be a mom and show some tummy.
Watching: Southland – I haven’t had cable in 5 years, so I’m always way behind everyone else and have to wait for it to come on Netflix or Hulu
Bookmarking: blanking on this one.
Feeling: Pleased with how quickly my main level gets tidied these days – It used to be pure chaos and disorganization. It made no sense to clean at all. I still can’t find the damned tape when I need to wrap a present though. hjgjkghjfhj.