Someone… buy these rugs.


Even though I said that I wasn’t going to get a rug for the dining room, I can’t be trusted and I’ve been looking on ebay casually. I spotted these ones and think the colors are so great, but they are all too small for my dining room.

Since I can’t have them all, my next best option is for someone else to buy them, send me pretty pictures of them and then I can burn in a jealous rage.











Light bulb base converters / adapters

E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter

After all the awesomeness of the One Room Challenge, this post is going to seem pretty lame.

Still! When I received my light fixture from China with two broken bulbs, I didn’t know it was going to be an issue to replace them.

The base of the light bulbs needed for the fixture are E14 – standard candelabra bases in the US are E12 and were too small and normal light bulb bases are far too large.

Ordering E14 light bulbs are annoyingly expensive and since not readily available, I would have to keep re-ordered online.

After some googling, I found there are screw on adapters out there that make E12 candelabra bases the correct E14 size, which means I could buy light bulbs from general stores here and no stress about it.

I purchased these ones from amazon, they work perfectly.

Left: E14 base Right: E12 candelabra base
E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter
Adapters screw on to E12 base

I love a good simple solution. E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter

Well… this is embarrassing

A couple of weeks ago I proclaimed that work was going to happen on the pantry.

If you inferred that the work would be done by me, you were correct.

And since then…. not that much has gotten done. At least not a finished pantry kind of done.

I did finish the first coat of primer on the walls, assembled some ikea cabinets, and took a pleasant (kids free!) trip to the lumber yard with my sister.

That allowed me to start tricking out the $2.00 ikea Haggeby cabinet doors.

I got them patched/caulked/primed (hopefully the first coat of paint tonight.)

ikea haggeby door hack

ikea haggeby door hack

And replacing the missing moulding in the room, like the window apron, and door head/eyebrow – which I’ve never done before!


This little rug showed up for the floor in there.

pantry rug

My light fixture has been delayed, apparently. Which is disappointing. I was expecting 4 weeks and it’s now 6 without a tracking number.

I guess I had hoped that it would show up and motivate me to finish up the room and hang it.

I do have plans for a little bit of Altpink linen to join the party. I was going to wait until I had the copper light fixture to order it, buuuuuut who knows when that’s going to happen.

Ahhhhhh. I love gray and pink together, in all it’s hues.

Nothing is going to happen this weekend because I am going out of town for a couple of days with my beau! I am so excited. We haven’t done anything like that since our daughter was born, almost 5 years ago. In fact, I haven’t been away from her longer than maybe 14 hours?

It’s seriously about that time.

I’ve already scouted that there’s a lumber yard only a couple blocks away from the hotel! Hopefully I won’t bore my husband completely with shop talk.

If you want…. follow me on Instagram (tealandgray), I’ve been trying to post some. Kind of.


Or don’t follow me, that’s cool too.


It is above freezing and feels like spring has finally sprung in Minneapolis!

My sweet little newphew (who just turned 4) brought me these lovely tulips the other day, to celebrate the weather. 009


Also, I joined instagram recently, although post pretty rarely so far. I am planning on doing more of that, along with more regular blog posts.

New lighting is up!

Lucite chandy game is on point? I would win the razzie award for lamest post titles. If such a thing existed, and since I have yet to get that award, I am going to assume that it does not.

Moving on.

This past week, the majority of our outlets on our main floor stopped working. They had been acting a little wonky for awhile, with flickering light bulbs in the lamp and the tv power light going on and off. So we had an electrician come out yesterday to fix it. Turns out, the contractor who put in the beam in the basement, messed with some of the wires and damaged them and a breaker, eventually causing a short. Our electrician said it was a major fire hazard and code violation. Ooft. 4 hours later, and some major re-wiring, it’s all fixed and working.

While he was here, I asked him to install the chandelier I had purchased back in December (in hopes that I would be motivated to work on that room and hang it.) I explained my concern that the ceiling pan wouldn’t hold it. He gave it a good yank and assured me that it was fine. With his blessing, I told him that I could install it myself, and I just did!

Weeks ago, I used an angle grinder to cut the old, old, old gas light pipe that was literally hanging out of the ceiling. Man, talk about sparks. My daughter was all: “ummm. mom. it smells like burning.” Then re-attached the ceiling pan, screwing it into the stud. Since I slapped it up, that’s probably why I was concerened about it’s ability to function properly. Again, I was told it was ok, so ran with it.003


I purchased this ceiling medallion online from Home Depot and had it shipped to the store. When I picked it up, I was concerned that it was way too big. But once up on the 9′ tall ceilings, it was a good size for the room. I cut a hole in the middle, for the ceiling pan, and used a pneumatic brad nailer (LOVE that thing) to attach it to the ceiling. After patching the nail holes, and caulking where the edge meets the ceiling, it got a coat of the ceiling color (Clark + Kensington Casa Blanca.) It covers the old ugly hole in the ceiling, thank gawdddd.

A little background on the chandelier. I was sitting on the couch late one sunday evening in december, looking at ebay. This chandelier came into my life, and I bid on it instantly. It ended like 8 minutes later, and I won. I totes felt guilty because I didn’t think my husband would like it. So… I did what any normal, emotionally well-balanced person would do. I waited a couple of days and randomly texted my husband asking if he remembered a fight from like 6 months ago when he was mean to me. When he answered ‘yes’, I told him I bought a chandelier I didn’t think he would like and it was directly related to his behavior in that fight. Whew. Guilt averted. Once I showed him the picture, he called it the “superman fortress of solitude chandelier.”

He has since agreed that it looks better in person.

With the help of my aforementioned husband, I got the chandelier attached. Then I carefully put on all the lucite prisms. It is quite a statement in the room, and looks lovely when the light is turned on. lucite chandelier lucite chandelier


I have gotten so much done in the room, but there are still several small details left. I purchased a curtain rod weeks ago, but have been seriously struggling to pull the trigger on any curtains. So. Stupid. Expensive. I actually like the open look, my husband likes privacy, or whatEvs. It seems like it’s always the last little details that take the longest.

Here’s kind of a small summary of where the room is heading. 001



Happy holidays!

It’s been a few weeks, I owe a post on the kitchen progress. I got a whole lot done, but, the holidays sure do make me want to eat, drink and hang out with family, way more than house stuff.

2014 was a big year for the Saice house. I started a ton of large, and messy projects (still haven’t really finished any), and started this blog to try to keep it all in order. I am happy to report that it IS actually helping.

Since I have mostly written about what I started the past year, I wanted to make a list for 2015. It started as a mostly feasible list, time wise and financially, then it kind of spiraled out of control into a wish list for the whole house. I don’t want to set myself up for failure, so I trimmed it up. In no particular order of importance :

Upstairs hallway –

  • Remove drywall ceiling
  • Remove remaining wallpaper and glue
  • Finish exposing brick, clean and seal
  • Patch holes
  • Sand
  • Prime/Paint or wall paper!

Kitchen –

  • Custom floor to ceiling open shelf cabinet and sink/dishwasher cabinets to match other ones (expensive!) – only two left to finish the kitchen, though
  • Shoe moulding
  • New quiet dishwasher
  • Replace existing radiator pipes with smaller pipes
  • Moulding for new wall opening to dining room/casing (this does have to be done after smaller radiator pipes)
  • Ceiling ventilation?
  • Art work

Pantry –

  • Remove drywall
  • Patch plaster and repair walls
  • Sand
  • Prime/Paint – pick a paint color
  • New baseboards
  • Shelving

Dining room –

  • Moulding for wall opening to kitchen
  • Replace missing baseboards where new wall was made
  • Picture frame moulding
  • Art
  • Curtains

Entry way/Front room:

  • 1-2 more layer of skim coating all walls and ceiling
  • Sanding
  • Prime/Paint (including trim)
  • Hang hooks for coats
  • Build a bench
  • Art
  • Curtains

Daughter’s bedroom –

  • Remove drywall
  • Patch holes
  • Sand
  • Prime/Paint
  • Strip peeling paint on trim – paint
  • Decorate

Living Room –

  • Remove drywall
  • Patch 1000+ holes
  • Sand
  • Prime/Paint (including trim)
  • Reupholster UGLY COUCH! Below are a sample of the possible fabric swatches031

Lighting. I want 2015 to be the year I rid this house’s main level of basic light fixtures. I got a new one for the kitchen, to be revealed sometime, but need a wall sconce still. I also purchased a fixture for the front room, but since it hasn’t been installed yet, it counts for 2015.

  • Kitchen wall sconce
  • Install front room light
  • Living room light fixture
  • Dining room chandelier

First floor –

  • Refinish and stain wood floors
  • After all the dust settles, CLEAN and decorate!

Life –

  • Enjoy the house more

So, basically, 2015 is still cleaning up for 2014, and we will have to see how much of this list actually gets done.



Is not a virtue I could ever claim to have.

My family is always making fun that as soon as something pops into my head… “madeline wants it done yesterday.”

And it’s totally true.

I think that is the hardest part for me right now. Nothing is done or fully pulled together. I have a completed vision in my head, but only some of the items, and not all the funds/time/place in the remodeling timeline.

Reasonably, I know that I shouldn’t be buying a new and bigger rug for the living room, when I hate the wall color and have to tear down all the drywall anyways, patch a million holes/sand/paint, reupholster the couch (pick a fabric! and save monies). But what do I find myself doing? Bidding on rugs on ebay. Like some crazed maniac.

I am sure this sounds incredibly self pitying, and that’s ok with me. I am sure that I am not alone in these feelings when your whole house is in shambles and you can find a hammer sooner than you can find your other shoe.

First word problems, ya’ll.