Coffee table update and mental confusion and the ramblings of a mad woman

I find my living room shape a little of a conundrum, the room is long and narrow, with two large openings and two windows. When it comes to furniture placement, I’m a little at a loss for the best set up. And the TV. I like TV, I like to watch it and I don’t want to hide the fact that I like to watch it (precious netflix time after my 5 year old goes to bed is sacred time.)

When my living room make-over for the ORC started rolling, I was making so many decisions and purchases, I impulsively purchased the West Elm marble topped pedestal coffee table when it went on sale.

I knew it wasn’t going to arrive in time for the reveal since I had stalled and purchased late, and I already had an acrylic waterfall coffee table in my possession, but I had been debating replacing the rectangular table with something round for a couple of months. One thing quickly led to another and lack of impulse control took over.

For the record, I quite like the acrylic coffee table. It has worked well for a small child household (curved edges and plastic) and is long and narrow, which worked for the space when our couch was along the long wall and across from the TV.

When I moved the couch in front of the picture window, that cut off the walkway through the living room somewhat. That’s where the long and narrow coffee table became a little of a hindrance, making the living room opening even more narrow, prompting the round coffee table thought.

I like where the couch is now. The TV is on a wall mount that I can fully extend out and turn the TV so it faces the couch, when I want it to and that it’s not the first thing you see when walking into the home.


See? Ramblings. Is anyone still reading?

The whole point of this is that I got a call from West Elm that my coffee table arrived at the store and was ready to be picked up. I decided to save $50 and ordered it through the store to be delivered there.

My kind mother drove out there with me and loaded it up into my car in 30 degree weather (thanks mom!) and helped me unpack it and put it in place.

Now that it’s here, and I read the care for marble… I’m wondering if I made a mistake?

The acrylic coffee table looked great in my ORC reveal pictures and the lack of visual weight, kid friendly etc. are all pluses.IMG_0973

Marble is high maintenance and I never thought of myself as a coaster person.

The size and shape of the round coffee table is great for the walk path through the living room and it pulls the couch and chairs together more. The curves of the round table and the curve of the couch are complementary.

I think the acrylic coffee table will be great out on our porch, once I finally get furniture out there and it’s not below freezing.

Another thing, the white of the marble makes the off-white rug look more cream and dingy. I love the rug.

Here’s how it looks in the living room:west elm marble topped pedestal coffee table ; safavieh casablanca rug ; blue velvet couch west elm marble topped pedestal coffee table ; safavieh casablanca rug ; blue velvet couch west elm marble topped pedestal coffee table ; safavieh casablanca rug ; blue velvet couch

My husband has put his foot down to keep the new coffee table – which made my jaw drop. He very rarely has such a strong opinion on these things.

So, am I being crazy over this coffee table?

Ugh. I sound like such a tool.

I should probably just STFU and enjoy the table, yeah?

Most of these questions are rhetorical, but feel free to pitch in. west elm marble topped pedestal coffee table ; safavieh casablanca rug ; blue velvet couch

7 thoughts on “Coffee table update and mental confusion and the ramblings of a mad woman”

  1. I love both tables, to be honest. Lol I have to tell you, I grew up with marble in our livingroom on the coffee table and both end tables. We were taught to NEVER put a glass down without a coaster or the wrath of God would come down upon us! Now that I’m a mother myself and the kids who will periodically come into our home to visit or play with my kids have NO RESPECT for anything, I’m glad that I was brought up that way. I’ve taught my children to be respectful of our home and to take care in how they treat things. I know they’ll never walk into someone’s home and treat their property with disregard. So, there’s my rambling response to your dilemma! Keep the marble table. You deserve to have something beautiful even if it is a little bit fragile!

  2. hi katherine! i really enjoy reading your blog! here’s my thought – the marble table is making you crazy because it’s too small in scale. but, it’s really pretty and your husband likes it so i suggest you try to work with it. would it be possible to flip your furniture? bookcases and awesome velvet couch on the other wall with the acrylic table in front, then put the marble table in between and slightly in front of the pink chairs on the opposite wall. i only weigh in because i’ve gone through about 15 coffee tables myself before finding the right one, and it ultimately had to do with shape and scale.

    1. Hi Blair! Thanks for your input. I did have the couch where you recommended before, and it didn’t quite work in that spot for me. I also felt like the curve of the couch was unappreciated against the wall.
      I think the wide angle lens in the picture might be distorting the scale a little too. I’ll try to take some more pictures later and add them on!

  3. I don’t think marble is that hard to deal with. We have it on our kitchen island and it’s old and patina’ed anyways, but I like it. Lemon juice and oil are the only things that really make ugly marks. And even then, they’re fixable. I mix up baking soda and water into a paste and let it sit and the mark disappears. Even wine doesn’t stain it. There is a sealer that you can put on it. Buy a good one and it should last about a year. I think the previous owners of our home sealed it, but we haven’t bothered and it looks fine.
    I love the table with the sofa. They look great together. The table reads more gray than white to me, which looks fine with the rug.

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