Craigslist, you’re a cruel mistress

Am I the only one who takes craig’s list posts and interactions so personally? I have only had a couple of purchases with it, but, they were fairly easy and successful. I caught the bug.


Yesterday, I hopped on Craig’s list to search for a mid-century modern credenza, just to see what was available.


I saw this one:





$125? A steal, compared to the other $500+ ones. I immediately emailed the seller, then, received a work Out Of Office reply. They wouldn’t be in until the next day. Ok, no problem. The listing was pretty old, so I assumed it would not be available, and I prepped myself for it. Instead of actually doing that, I refinished it in my head, I picked out the perfect color of paint in my head, I styled it in my head. It. HAD. to. be. mine.


I didn’t even KNOW that I wanted a mid-century modern credenza. I mean, I knew, but, I didn’t KNOW. You know?


No? I understand. That makes two (at the very least) of us.


Anyways. I waited until 10 am, without a response, to kindly send a polite follow up email. I did not receive an Out Of Office reply, so I know that the seller did receive the email. It’s like the purest form of rejection. I might possibly be a tad on the dramatic side. Maybe.


While I was waiting, I searched for dressers. This one popped up:



$50.00?! That’s even cheaper. I don’t like it AS much as the other one, but I could still spruce it up. I now envisioned this one – repainted/refinished and happy in our house.


I emailed the seller.


2 hours later, a response that it was sold. Still nothing on the other one. Like, not even to say it was sold? THEN TAKE DOWN THE LISTING. YOU LEAVE NOTHING BUT PAIN AND DESPAIR.

Now, I am obsessed, and this has to happen. I informed my husband of this, after about 434543631 text messages to him about these two pieces of furniture, and he incredulously asked “NOW you’re obsessed?” – to which I let him know that I was blasé before, obvs. Now, the real crazy is going to start.