Dining room decisions

It kind of feels like it might never happen, but I have been thinking of what color to paint the dining room. It’s a small room, but I want some drama.

I have to go to the lumber yard and have some millwork replicated for the new opening between the kitchen and dining room. I have put this off partially, because I don’t want to do math about the dimensions. Silly, I know.

I also have some crown moulding (molding?) sitting around. Waiting. And it is quite the crown. I want to put it up myself, and watched a bunch of youtube videos, but I think it’s really intimidating! And again, maths. Yuck.

In addition to crown moulding/molding, I want to do some panels. Like so:http://cdn.metrie.com/wp-content/themes/metrie/images/FashionForward_OA1.jpg

And paint it all the same color, flat for the walls, gloss for the trim.

What color?

My husband said all black (he chose Benjamin Moore Black Tar), and this is his first real input on a paint color. So, I feel like I should honor that. Then, the more dominate side wants to pick whatever I want to. ‘Cause I’m a terrible person.

I’m kind of leaning towards Farrow & Ball Down Pipe…. Farrow & Ball Down Pipe # 26 Visit Stockist Timeless Materials for a complimentary Colour Card & Consultation

or maybe Pelt

Farrow & ball Pelt

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to paint the living room and front room all white, so those shouldn’t be much of a factor. The kitchen is Teal, so that’s most def something to consider.

Pretty much any color would be an improvement over what it is now!