DIY Dinosaur magnets

A while back I saw some cute dinosaur magnets on etsy and wanted them, but the price probably stopped me from purchasing them.

Then, a couple of weeks ago I asked my sister to pick up some plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store so I could try my hand at making my own. She got me 3, a t-rex, stegosaurus and a triceratops.DIY Dinosaur magnets

I promptly spray painted them.DIY Dinosaur magnets

Rust-oleum Fluorescent Pink, Rust-Oleum Matte Robin’s Egg, Design Master GoldRustoleun Fluorescent Pink , Robin's Egg, Design Master Gold spray paint DIY Dinosaur magnets

Doesn’t this guy look so happy to be pink?DIY Dinosaur magnets

Annnnnnnd. The spray paint remained tacky and didn’t cure. I used acetone to remove the tacky spray paint, so I could use a spray paint primer before re-spraying them.

I used a sharp utility knife to cut the t-rex and triceratops in half, and decided to keep the stegosaurus whole.

I picked up some magnets from Michael’s, 8 for $1.99, and used a hot glue gun to attach the magnets to the dinosaurs’ backs.DIY Dinosaur magnets DIY Dinosaur magnets DIY Dinosaur magnets

Spray paint primer, then spray paint.

All in all, it cost me $3 for the dinos and $1.99 for the magnets. I had the spray paint on hand. Way cheaper than if I purchased them on etsy.DIY Dinosaur magnets DIY Dinosaur magnets DIY Dinosaur magnets

DIY Dinosaur magnets
Ryan Gosling loves t-rex


I like keeping the fridge fun, since the rest of the kitchen (i.e. cabinets and counter tops) tends to lean traditional.