Highs and lows

Today was a win some/lose some sort of day. In the first world problems kind of day.

The win was that I bought a rug. I’ve never bought one before! To be honest, I’ve always felt pretty ambivalent towards them. And also. Wat. It’s for my living room, which is so far from put together, it has all sorts of mess from other rooms and construction. Like, a shop-vac is not a designer piece of furniture. I guess at the moment (since the living room still has it’s drywall and has been relatively untouched, although I dislike the paint color), the living room is the only candidate to be a nice room.

I guess the possible loss, is, it’s going to be a surprise! I bought the rug off ebay, and it’s very possible that the color on the computer screen will be different than when it arrives. We will see! Unless, I absolutely abhor it, it’s going to stay, ’cause, monies.

The low, I found a steal of a deal for a mirror for the bathroom on craigslist. I LOVED it. I set up a time with the seller to pick it up, and they sold it before that time. Jerks.