It’s a good thing I’m not a professional blogger

Because energy and motivation have been in short supply around these parts.

Drinking wine and netflixing has been my favorite past time. Maybe it’s the winter and I have the S.A.D? It’s kind of annoying, because winter is the time of year we are stuck inside the most, and should be getting shiz done.

I have been working on the moulding in the dining room, and it IS proving to be difficult to match the profiles. I have been to 2 different millwork places a total of 5 times, sitting on the floor and trying to put together different pieces. Unfortunately, the egg&dart is non-existent and when the “closest” crown is 1/2″ less deep, it throws everything off. I thiiiiiiiink that I have an idea for how to make something comparable, but it means several additional pieces of moulding. Le sigh.

So far. This is how far I’ve gotten:028

Still an improvement to me.

ANYWAYS. I have taken 2 days off to work on the front room.

As of today, it looks like this:006 005

Yes. I do have sense enough to be embarrassed about how it looks, and putting it out on the interweb. We don’t have a lot of company over these days.

The ceiling is in bad shape. Believe it or not, a bunch of screws put into plaster isn’t good for it, and causes a lot of cracks. Huh. Go figure.

I’m going to finish skim coating the last green wall, patch all cracks and holes in the ceiling, then sandddddd and sand some more. Everything, trim and walls, will get primed and painted.

It will look. so. much. better.