Keeping the momentum going. It’s way harder than it should be.

It seems to be feast or famine around here (both on the blog and at my house) with projects.

Maybe if I posted more, you all wouldn’t be subjected to 1500 word posts. Sorry ’bout that.

I had so much fun with the last One Room Challenge! Thank you so much for all your kind comments.

I didn’t know that I was blogging for all those sweet words, but it turns out that I TOTALLY am. And fame and cash money. Obvs.

I am thrilled to have given my daughter her own space and even more thrilled that it’s having the intended outcome of her spending time in there and out of my face all the time.

I love having a goal, a blogging schedule and being held accountable with the One Room Challenge. But – it is backbreaking work and fucking expensive.

I’ve already sold many organs to bankroll my wants and needs for this house, and some of them were probably vital. Idk. I’m not a doctor.

I like having a project though! It keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. I have to keep my scope smaller, than say, a whole room remodel and furnishing for a while.

Time to turn my attention back to the dining room!

It is open to the living room and kitchen (still majorly unfinished – shame) and can be seen when entering the house.

I started on it almost two years ago?

It sat with it’s first coat of Farrow & Ball Down Pipe on the walls and trim since then.

This would bother absolutely no one other than me, but the egg and dart and crown moulding on one of the windows was not original to the house and didn’t match the other windows. I could not let this stand – apparently.

So I cannibalized the old doorway trim (from widening the opening from the kitchen) and cut it down for the window. Unfortunately, I forgot the angles are different when you cut on the fence vs. on the flat. It’s definitely not perfect, but wood filler, paint and curtains obscure that fact.

And I don’t seem to have any pictures of that process anywhere? Trust. It happened.

I did put the missing baseboards down in one corner, too. It was only like 7 cuts and shaving an inch off the bottom, yet somehow took me several hours? I’m slow AF. IMG_1125 IMG_1127I used a piece of paper to make a template of the outlet, transferred it the wood and cut it out with a jigsaw. IMG_1135It totally worked! Which was a huge relief since it was the original wood to the house. IMG_1136Last month, I finalllllllllly got the finial coat of paint on the walls and trim, and decided to paint the ceiling too (I loved the dark ceiling in my daughter’s bedroom!) The walls and ceiling are in the Estate Emulsion and the trim is in the eggshell. The gloss really brings out the depth of the color – beautiful.

After painting the dining room and working on the bedroom upstairs – it looked like this.IMG_1425 IMG_1427

Cringe. My house blows up with tools and miscellaneous shit when I work on a project. Spanning two levels even. Ya’ll impressed?

I hope I am not the only one in universe who lives in this state more often than not.


Prepare yourself for some legit real life pictures. No deep cleaning, no sweeping, no styling or moving clutter into another room. #liveauthentic or something.

I spent a little time tidying and organizing and now we are here.IMG_1435 IMG_1438 IMG_1442


I mean, there’s still a shop vac chillin’ in the corner.

Once the room was painted with it’s second coat, I hung my drapes. I love, love, love them.

We will get back to that eyesore of a radiator in a minute.

The fabric is the Altpink linen from Tonic Living. I feel like it’s one of the most perfect pale pinks evahhhh.

I shipped my fabric to Divine Panels on Etsy to be sewn. I went with a French pleat header and chose blackout lining. They did a superb job. The quality is top notch and their customer service was excellent.

The blackout lining is perfect at blocking the light when we want to watch tv during the day, or video gaming for my husband. For this reason, I was given carte blanche with the fabric selection and I get to tell my husband that I spent hundreds of dollars to make him happy. And that I deserve thanks. And endless admiration.

The curtain rods are Lucite and brushed brass from Lux Hold ups on Etsy. I think they let the dark paint and drapes do their thang.

I purchased a new light! Which finalizes my plan to get rid of basic bitch light fixtures on the main level.

I knowwww that I had intended to purchase the Millo chandelier, which I still really super love, but I don’t think it will fit the space right. You know when you want something to work so badly, and you try to force it and then it ends in disappointment/purchasing another/money out the pocket for the first one/reflection on your whole past about where you went so wrong in life? I just avoided that last part.

I went with the Ursula from TripleSevenHome. 'TripleSevenHome Ursula'

I saw it when I was looking for alternative sconce options for Ry’s room, and my heart went all pitter patter. I sent a message over a month ago asking if I could have this made with smoked glass, and it took 2 more messages to get a ‘no’ in response. Once I got that – I finally ordered it.

I think it will compliment the Serge Mouille style light in the living room, and the large globe pendant in the kitchen. I shall call it ‘serge-mouille-large-globe-pendant-love-child’ light. Ursula for short.

It’s going to take about 6 weeks before it arrives – which prompts the Unofficial tentative One room challenge dining room. In which there is no official end date, or blogging schedule and it is totally unstructured. But almost exactly like the official challenge.


Check on possibility and price to swap that behemoth of a radiator with a smaller one. Plumbers are expensive, so we will see. The measurements might not even work. If that’s not an option, then finish painting it. Or, whatever.

MOULDING for the enlarged opening between the kitchen and dining room.

God. How many times have I said I’m going to procure it and put it up? I am a straight up liar face. Give me another chance to redeem myself?

Build storage. The craigslist credenza was moved in here, and it works ok but is deeper than I would like and a little shorter. Something longer, less deep and more room will take its place. And I’m thinking burgundy?IMG_4059

I am getting so good with CAD, don’t you think?

What do you mean that’s just a scribble on paper!? Offended. Get off my internets.

Stock the bar cart for the hypothetical cocktail party that I’m having.

Note to self: stop consuming all the alcohol that enters the house.

I bought the copper Plum and Bow cart from urban outfitters when it was on sale. It’s a good size for the room. I’m glad that I bought it on sale though, it’s not the best craftsmanship known to man.

Paint the piece of chipboard and attach it to the makeshift ikea sink/dishwasher cabinet.

Does anyone want to trade me thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that says ‘MY SOUL’ on it so that I can order the last cabinets and finish my kitchen?

No? Cool.

Joke would have been on that sucker, I got rid of that thing long ago.

Painting it is.

I’m going to miss the hot pink chandelier. I removed the shades and painted the metal on the one that came with the house. My husband on the other hand, will not miss it at all.

TBH. If I didn’t already have the pink drapes, I probably would powder coat the new fixture hot pink.

I’ll have to find another way to test the boundaries of my husband’s love tho.

Give those $10 craigslist chairs a face lift. Maybe some faux black ostrich leather?

Finally. The most important part of the plan.

BLOG about it.






4 thoughts on “Keeping the momentum going. It’s way harder than it should be.”

  1. Love this post. Totally with you on the momentum thing…ORC was indeed exhausting and farking expensive and I want more finished rooms NOW but it’s not so simple. Anyways, love how your dining room is coming together. Please do blog about the rest of it!

    1. Lizzie, I totally hear you! I want all my house finished like 3 years ago. It’s the glory of the ORC to have the project finished, but impossible to maintain. I have to find some middle ground between 6 weeks finished and 6 months unfinished. I really appreciate your supportive words. ?

  2. My house always has at least one room that looks like tools and paint supplies exploded in it. And one room always has a shop vac or an air compressor sitting in it. 😉
    I’ve been having a hard time getting started too. Most of my work for the ORC was outside so my house stayed clean. It’s hard to bring out the paint supplies again. I just had a few projects drop into my lap though and I’m thrilled to have an excuse to do it NOW! It involves knocking down a wall and paint touch ups that I’m of course changing into repaint the whole room a new color! Because that sounds way more fun.
    Anyways, love the dining room wall color with the curtains.

    1. Ummmm. Emy. That’s like a million times more exciting than my dining room refresh. What a huge difference knocking out a wall makes! PSA – don’t be like me and wait 2 years to put the moulding back after tho. Looking forward to checking on your progress.

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