Kitchen plans – loose ends

On some level, I know that a lot has happened in the kitchen. It still feels so unfinished, probably because it really is. This whole thing has been a multi phase process. We only got the first couple of cabinets, because we weren’t planning on removing the wall yet, and wouldn’t know exact measurements until we did. We were trying to be responsible and save and pay with cash for the work and materials. We did a pretty good job, for awhile. Well, after the floor, jacking up the house, and removing the wall and all the miscellaneous (omg. so many random expenses) – way over budget. As I’m sure most people can relate to.

The credit cards are cut up, and the next year is dedicated to paying off all debt and saving, again. So the remaining cabinets are going to remain a fantasy, for awhile.

But! That’s ok. It gives me an opportunity to wrap up loose ends. And work more on DIY.


  • 3rd skim coat
  • drywall seams
  • sand, sand, sand
  • prime
  • paint walls and trim
  • chair rail
  • base shoe
  • hack ikea cabinet (another post, when I finish)

So. The list will continue, but it will be more helpful with a visual. The wall that was drywalled and will have tile backsplash – needs to be drywalled. again. Yes. I guess our cabinet was 1/8″ too wide or something, so the contractor decided to just remove the drywall there. Yeah, thanks for that, guy.


1 step forward, 1346564 steps back
1 step forward, 1346564 steps back

I have a panel of 1/4″ drywall in the garage for this. The other issue is that the space between the outside walls is only about 2″. The light switch box is too deep, and sticks out too far. I ordered a shallow one, and will switch it out when I re-drywall it.

List continued:

  • switch light switch box
  • drywall
  • tile the backsplash and up the side wall
  • grout
  • get grout and cap pieces (side note: decide on cap pieces)

Someday list:

  • More cabinets (new sink/dishwasher cabinet and cabinets depicted in below illustration)
  • A ceiling – now I just sound spoiled
  • crown moulding
  • door frame moulding
  • Pantry
  • ugly radiator pipes (I don’t want ugly radiator pipes, but I don’t judge you if that’s your thing)
You like my mad paint skills?
You like my mad paint skills?


I have been working on the new drywall, so things are making progress, maybe?