Light bulb base converters / adapters

E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter

After all the awesomeness of the One Room Challenge, this post is going to seem pretty lame.

Still! When I received my light fixture from China with two broken bulbs, I didn’t know it was going to be an issue to replace them.

The base of the light bulbs needed for the fixture are E14 – standard candelabra bases in the US are E12 and were too small and normal light bulb bases are far too large.

Ordering E14 light bulbs are annoyingly expensive and since not readily available, I would have to keep re-ordered online.

After some googling, I found there are screw on adapters out there that make E12 candelabra bases the correct E14 size, which means I could buy light bulbs from general stores here and no stress about it.

I purchased these ones from amazon, they work perfectly.

Left: E14 base Right: E12 candelabra base
E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter
Adapters screw on to E12 base

I love a good simple solution. E14 to E12 light bulb base adapter