Living room

The living room is currently the most put together room, even though a lot of spare tools and/or boxes get stashed there. Last week, I had the notion to make the living room look nice and put together.  So, I bought a rug.

Almost 5 years ago, my now husband and I found out we were going to have a baby, and quickly had to put together a household. We bought a lot of Ikea furniture. We have an Ikea Karlstad sofa (In Sivik Dark Gray) and chair in  there now.

But, then, I decided that something was missing.

What was it, you ask? Some motherfucking ugly. And when I want ugly, I always deliver. Why not some green ugly, to match the rest of the rooms with all the ugly green in them?

BAM!green couch1

Yup. My husband died inside when I sent him a picture of this couch, he replied that he did not want a green couch, I replied that I agreed, I also did not want a green couch. Then I followed up with that I wanted to get this couch.

I now have plans to pick up this couch this weekend.

Don’t you think it will look lovely with the skirt removed, and the fabric a nice bold peacock blue?