One Room Challenge Fall 2015: I be stressin’

Wow. That week went by quickly and left me bruised, sore and dead on my feet tired.

Linda from Calling it Home is kind enough to host this One Room Challenge and allow us to link up with our progress.

Many of you are new to my blog (I am still a very shy blogger!) since I linked up for the ORC.

I did a very poor job of introducing myself in my first ORC post, I’ll take a minute to do that now.

My name is Madeline and 3 years ago, my husband and I bought a modest 100 year old house in South Minneapolis, MN. Since moving in, my daughter and husband have endured countless projects, power tool sounds and dust for days.

My husband has no interest in it, which means I get to make most of the decisions; I also have to do it myself.

In the beginning I started so many projects without finishing any, that caused so much anxiety. From that, I decided to create this blog in hopes to reign in some and focus. Also, a place for me to express into words all the crazy that is in my head from said projects.

I’m sure many in the blogosphere can relate to that!

Now onto the update!

The room that I chose to work on is our living room. It’s the last room on our main floor that hasn’t been updated much since moving in – except ugly couch.

I was also the most reluctant to work on it, since we spend so much time in there hanging out. It’s hard to find the motivation to move everything out, when it mostly functions. It was an eyesore though, and the last room with drywall on the original plaster – I already removed the drywall in the kitchen, pantry, dining room and entry room.

Side note – the house was purchased by flippers from a woman who had lived there a very long time (without updating anything) and it fell into disrepair. The house flippers put drywall on every surface to cover the original walls and ceilings. They didn’t love this house, and did a poor job with it, I saw that and wanted to love this house so I purchased it in spite of wanting to change most of the things they “updated”.

Since the couch was FINALLY sent out to be upholstered, now is the time to get to the room.

In case you missed it, my first post outlined my plan for the room and the second post displayed my lack of progress.

That embarrassment was what I needed to spur me into action. Since then I patched, patched and patched some more. There. were. so. many. cracks.

I spent 14 hours straight on Saturday putting the fiberglass mesh and two coats of joint compound on the walls and ceiling.

As per my normal routine, the fist coat was the DuraBond joint compound because it is very strong but such a hassle to sand. The next two coats were EZsand because, well, the name kind of gives it away. I buy the powder bags and mix small batches. Since it chemically hardens, you can do several coats in one day.

My eyes needed some pretty, so I put up this ceiling medallion. It’s 32″ and pretty ornate. I was worried it would be too overwhelming for the room, but I love traditional medallions with modern light fixtures.

My claw hands needed a break from the joint knife, so I decided to spray paint my two Lane faux bamboo étagères. I had purchased one of them earlier this year, and picked up its pair this past weekend. Nothing against the wood, but the bases had some wear in the veneer and I thought a gloss black would look stellar. I wiped them down with TSP and let them dry.028

Since I had papered off most of the floor (I had run out and there was a 6’x3′ chunk on the floor that wasn’t covered), I decided to plastic off the walls and spray them in my empty living room. 3 cans of spray paint later and there were hella fumes. I put a fan in the room to suck the air out the front door. Little did I realize it was pulling the fine mist overspray throughout the rest of my house.030

FML. Not pictured: me ripping up the paper and on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor with dawn soap to remove the black mist all over. It was a panic filled hour.

I went back to the 3rd coat of joint compound on Monday evening after work and spraying the shelves.002 003 004 005 008

At this point, most of the ceiling was new joint compound.

Ever since I started using my random orbital sander to smooth out the joint compound, I ain’t never going back to manual sanding. I use 220 grit paper, otherwise it will put groove marks in the mud. Although this speeds up the process, it is HARD holding a sander over your head for a couple of hours and moving it around. It still took me about 5 hours on Tuesday to sand all the surfaces.

I was definitely tired and close to tears while I was doing that. It’s so dusty and loud and heavy and my pores felt filthy.

I just knew that if I kept going and primed the walls after that, it would make it seem worth my effort.

So I vacuumed everything, wiped down the baseboards and trim with soapy water and taped off the floor/windows when it was dry.

After my daughter went to sleep on Tuesday evening, I painted everything with a coat of Zinsser Oil based primer. I have said it before and I mean it: I love oil based primer. There just isn’t anything like it when it comes to sealing in fresh joint compound or adhering to glossy wood. My husband took pity on my and rolled the walls and ceiling while I did cut in.

AHHHHHH. So much better.009 011 013 014 015 016

That green was so offensive to my eyes.

A reminder: 005

Wednesday was a relaxed evening with a caulk gun and spackling nail holes in trim, to prepare for 4 more coats of paint on the trim. I’m going to use the sprayer that I used to paint my aluminum storm windows. That will hopefully speed up that process!

The walls and ceiling will get another coat of primer, latex this time, and two coats of Casa Blanca in the flat Clark + Kensington.

Ignore the pathetic dangly fixture in the pictures. I ordered my light fixture weeks ago off of eBay, shipping from China. I knew there was always some gamble in that, but the seller has good reviews and I’ve never had an issue before. Then on Tuesday, I get this tiny little package from China that says ‘chandelier’ on it. Ummm. Where’s the rest of it?! It was a tiny flash light. And eBay says that my light fixture got delivered. Holy shit. Panic. Did I just buy a several hundred dollar flash light?! I opened a case and was assured by the seller that the fixture is still in transit and the package was just a gift.

Fingers crossed that it actually does exist, gets here in time and that I wasn’t bamboozled out of dollars.

Lots done, still so much to do.

I am planning on picking up everything I need and working on my DIY media console this weekend and hopefully painting the trim/radiator tomorrow.

I am going to nap so hard when my couch comes back.


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  1. This looks amazing! I love seeing everyone else’s progress in this challenge. It sounds like you were crazily busy this past week. Looks like it’s paying off though 🙂 Great job!

  2. You have certainly accomplished a tremendous amount of work in a very professional manner. Hope you took some time for yourself after all your labors before launching into the next phase! total empathy on the black mist and the claw hands…. Keep up the good efforts!

    1. Last night was beers and Netflix night ?
      Thank you for your empathy and support. I really appreciate it.

    1. I have faith in us, Emily. Less in the shipping times for all the orders I placed. ?
      Good luck and I’m going to have to check out your blog!

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