One Room Challenge Fall 2015: The Living room


So. I had thought about linking up to the Fall One Room Challenge a couple of months ago, but then decided against it. I don’t have the full budget to COMPLETELY finish a room, and I’ve been meaning to be more deliberate with my choices and changes, which takes time.

But…. fate would have it that ugly couch was picked up by the upholsterer two days ago and now I only have a couple of weeks to get my living room ready for its grand return.

It then occurred to me that the One Room Challenge might in fact be EXACTLY what I need… since I have that bad habit of not quite finishing any projects. I realized, I’m also not very good at taking ‘After’ pictures and putting them on the blog! I should work on that too.

I won’t can’t promise it will be a completed, finished and styled room. It won’t be. My goal from this is to lay down the foundational pieces, and enjoy a prettier-than-it-was room while taking time after to cultivate the room I want.

Here it is:living room befores living room befores living room befores

Please ignore the poor picture quality and darkness. I took them last night when the sun was setting! Again, joining the ORC was kind of a spur of the moment decision. Also, bad ‘befores’ make good ‘afters’ even better? The more accurate ‘before’ will be after I rip off all the drywall.

That gray color on the walls was purchased before we closed on the house. I had no idea that it would go so purple. It was the first time that my confidence in choosing paint colors was rattled (it led to my paint samples and swatches paralysis.) It ended up just being a bummer of a color to look at.

Trust. It looks so much better right now than it’s going to look when I tear down the drywall to expose probably avocado green paint and hundreds of screw holes. Fingers crossed there’s no wall paper underneath.

If you’re new to my blog, you may be confused as to why I would pull down perfectly good drywall. The answer is simple: I am irrational.

That, and it was put on top of the original plaster walls and the dry wall sticks out over the baseboards and window casing 1/2″. Drives me mad.

The plan:

  • Clear the room (duh)
  • Rip off drywall from walls and ceiling
  • Drink wine
  • Patch a million holes from drywall screws and repair cracks
  • Sand smooth
  • Cry and regret life decisions
  • Prime and Paint walls and trim x 5
  • Build new media console for TV (still working out the plan for this in my head)
  • Fill the room with lovely stuff
  • Drink lots of wine and watch Netflix on my new couch

Sounds good?

Here’s a very poor mock up of some of what I’m planning on:living room mockup

The couch in the picture is from Yellow Brick house! Mine is going to be much more teal, but this one was pretty close in shape and depth of color. Also,  it’s the  picture that brought me to their blog to begin with!

Getting rid of the depressing gray and dark trim is going to be the first thing, and is just what this room needs. I’m planning on lots of white, with black accents and the couch making the statement.

My hope is for a bright, comfortable but classy room that is not too serious nor precious for my 5 year old daughter and nephew to play in.

I have some existing projects that I’m wrapping up (the porch) and some that will continue (the vestibule) while I’m working on this room, too. Gods be kind.

All in all, I am so excited for this.

Thank you for stopping by! Any support is amazing.

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10 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Fall 2015: The Living room”

  1. Your trim and molding is absolutely gorgeous! I’m in a 94-year-old bungalow and someone took out the original trim somewhere along the way, so bringing back the tall baseboards and capitol-style molding is part of our plan. Your plan looks great–glad you accounted for the crying and the wine drinking; that comprehensive list is sure to keep you on track, lol! Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

  2. Love your plan. I also had an eye on that 3 arm pendant for my kitchen but had to scrap the idea after measuring it up and realising that it would sit too low. Bummer! Really love it though. Especially with your blue sofa and the rug! Such a great combo. Can’t wait to see your progress. Karolina xx

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