One Room Challenge Fall 2017: Dark and cozy guest room reveal

Wooooooooowwwww. Even with an extra week, I almost didn’t make it.

When I first started, I thought this small room was going to be a breeze. I even thought it wasn’t worth doing the ORC for, since it wasn’t going to be that big of a change.

Then the ORC gods were like ‘lol, this girl.’

Ok. OK. Some of it may have been self inflicted. Why did self decide this was the time to learn how to build a bedframe and headboard from my brain and upholster it? In the last week. Oh, self, you’re a real pain in my ass.

But, you know what? It’s week 6 7 of the One room challenge and my guest room no longer resembles a crack den hovel!

If you’re wondering what my almost incoherent ramblings about what an ORC is, it’s a biannual event created and hosted by Linda, from Calling it Home. Designers, bloggers, whomever wants to join the madness; choose a room and have 5/6 weeks to complete the refresh/remodel/arson (JK. DON’T DO THAT) and blog weekly with their progress.

Fall 2015 / Spring 2016

I’m not a designer, and I’m barely even a blogger, but, I rate high in neuroticism and I like to spend money. So I’m pretty qualified.

Here’s where the room started:


Week 1/ Week 2/ Week 3/ Week 4/ Week 5/ Week 6

BOOM. Check that shit out.

YOU GUYS. I MADE THAT BEDFRAME. THE WHOLE THING. From a vague idea in my head and my blood, sweat and tears. And a pneumatic upholstery stapler. It took me almost 4 solid days, to make the cuts/build the frame and headboard, upholster it and then attach all the pieces. Hopes and dreams are probably the only thing keeping it together.

I am going to nap so hard on it, later. For like a week. I am so tired and my body doesn’t even want to fuck with me at this point.

I didn’t follow any directions for it. You know me, just bullshitting my way through life. One project at a time. I was maybe going to do a tutorial on it? But, it pissed me off so much that I’m not even sure I took pictures or that it will make sense to anyone else. Idkkkkk. Let me know. It may be pictures of my scribbles as an explanation.

The fabric is from West Elm. I purchased waaaaaay too much of it in a panic, when I had ugly couch reupholstered. When fate has your paint color almost perfectly match the several yards of spare luster velvet, you upholster that bedframe in it.

I am HERE for that tone on tone on tone, ya’ll.

Duvet cover/pillows / Wall art – 1 / 2Wine velvet pillowsFluffy pillow 

See that fluffy pillow? I had to buy it because my husband was LOVING all my choices in this room and I needed something that he flat out said “NO.” to. Otherwise, the world might fall off its axis. I also like the color of the pillow. Teal, pink and burgundy are quickly becoming a favorite combo for me.

Side note! One might assume that my blog name is because of my love of the colors teal and gray, which is a reasonable assumption. It’s actually the combination of my daughter’s middle name and mine. Yup. My hippie parents named me Madeline Teal. And then filled out all my legal paperwork differently, just for funsies. Thanks, guys.

I struggle with loving beautiful décor, yet functionality is also equally important. If it doesn’t make sense to the room’s purpose, then I don’t want it there. But I want more than a mattress on the floor? I’m hoping that I found a reasonable balance in this room.Mirror / Planter Throw blankets

Acrylic night stand / Pink vase / Catch all / Clock

I’m really, really thrilled with how the room came together.

ArtHands Vase / Hourglass / White vase 

Persian rug – vintage (ebay)

Roman shades fabric (Mine is Rose gold, sold out)

Miscellaneous sources:

Paint – Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor 25% darker (aura flat on walls and regal semi-gloss on trim)

Dresser (craigslist)

Bedframe legs (also used for this project)

I’ll be spending the whole weekend looking at everyone else’s fantastic reveals, and you should too.



28 Replies to “One Room Challenge Fall 2017: Dark and cozy guest room reveal”

    1. I just tried replying on your blog post and it told me that I was spam 😂

      1. Oh my gosh! Why are you spamming me?! lol. That’s weird tho and I’ll have to figure out why the heck it’s doing that – sorry!
        I GOT THE FANCY CRAP. Now I’m failing at installing them on lath plaster and made a hole in my just-repaired wall that I have to fix because it didn’t work. I seem to have a knack for making life harder than it has to be.
        Also, I featured ya in a new blog post with all my fave Fall ORC rooms. 😀 Because you rock.

  1. OMG! It looks amazing. That wall color is so dreamy! And that bed!! Gorgeous! Also, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who buys stuff just because hubby will hate it. Proud leopard pants owner now. 😉

    1. I bet you look great in your leopard pants! One of these days, he’s going to abandon me in the target aisle. But I’ll just hug all my merchandise for emotional fulfillment.

  2. That color brings on all the coziness but the “no” pillow is the icing. Great design and amusing writing. There will be many post-ORC naps I bet.

  3. Incredible job! Especially considering the work you put into the walls to prep for paint, it looks amazing. And building the bed, boom you get a big ole knuckles for that one. And I too, “oh you’re not sure about that” Well I am so I don’t care. lol Beautiful space and job well done!

    1. Thank you, Tina! I am so happy to be done with it.
      lol I know. I just give him a look like ‘you going to fight me over a pillow?’ and then he usually just rolls his eyes and walks away.

  4. Phenomenal! I love that color!!! In fact, I still think about your gorgeous couch! You’re becoming quite the builder. Good job. I’m frankly amazed at all the work you did and it’s clearly been worth it! Good job!

    1. Thanks, Katherine! I still love my couch, maybe above all else.
      I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘fun’ but I do enjoy having a vision in my mind’s eye and then creating it in reality. This room came out a lot better than I was hoping for.

  5. I love the color that you chose for the walls and that you decided to paint the ceiling as well! It draws the eye up and makes the room look so much bigger. Love all your decor picks as well. Good job!

  6. OMG Girrllllll! It looks SO. DAMN. GOOD. The bed. THE BED!! This room is phenomenal–you did it!! Your guests are going to cry when they have to leave.

    It’s all so good, I’m so proud of you and so happy you had my back through this project!! Do the bed tutorial (if you can find the pics), and keep blogging. Or at least keep on keeping up with IG.

    1. THANK YOU KRYSTLE! I will try to keep blogging and stay on IG. I can’t believe I’m so late to Instagram stories. I am the most technologically challenged millennial 🙄😂

  7. You found some pretty shit! 😀 The room looks great, Madeline Teal (which I love, BTW). Congrats on making a bed! Andy made one once. I eventually threw it away. He’s still bitter. LOL

    1. I found pretty shit! But hopefully not too much that it’s ridiculous. Tell Andy that I commiserate and don’t you dare try to throw my bed away, Stacy 😂

  8. Shut the front door! You nailed it with the tone-on-tone TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR HEAD bed frame. Way to kick this room’s ass. I would never even dream of doing crack in it now!

    Okay, you can invite me for a sleepover anytime. I got my toothbrush and everything. Congrats on the successful ORC!

    1. Omg Thanks Kat. I had a moments pause on the tone-on-tone after I took the pictures and then I was like nah, that’s right. And this room kicked my ass, which is why I bought myself a whole bottle of champagne to bogart.
      Looking forward to seeing yours!

  9. This looks soooo good! Super fabulous! I love the whole thing. You made such an amazing change from where you started.

    My husband didn’t know that his name was not Dino until he started filling out college admission forms and was like “who is this Armando person on all of my legal paperwork?”

    1. Thanks Lisa! It feels like a totally different room and I love it. Only 5 or 6 more rooms to go. Sigh.
      Parents are the WORST. My mom didn’t tell me that there was a BLATANT misspelling of my first name on my social security card until I got it when I was 18 😩 and then she was like: lol oh yeah!

  10. I LOVE this room! The colors, the lighting, the finishes, the art, the bed! You built a dang bed! I just keep scrolling up and down looking at the pics again and again. Beautiful job!

    1. Thanks, Beth! Building the bed was really intimidating to me, and frustrating to figure out. But, now that I’ve done it, it really wasn’t that hard. And now it exists and I love it.

  11. You made the bed?!? That’s some serious dedication, dude! I canNOT believe this room transformation. I mean…I just can’t. These old houses take so much dang work to bring back from neglect, but dude, you’re amazing at it! AND, I love the choice to do a glossier finish on the trim and doors, but still stay with the same color. It’s such a cool room!

    1. I just love the character of old houses. Much to my husband’s chagrin, he would probably be happy in an apartment forever.
      I’m glad you enjoyed designing your bedroom and I hope you stick with it for the rest of your house!

  12. Well done, Madeline! The whole room is a triumph and your bed is its crowning glory. It looks so luxurious. Love the nightstand and the light fixture too. I hope you are now enjoying lots of well-deserved naps on that velvet beauty.

    1. Thanks so much Norma! I sometimes go and lay in the bed and bask in the glory of it. And I took the whole weekend off. Looking forward to seeing your continued library progress.

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