One Room Challenge Fall 2017: Dark and cozy guest room

Well, damn. That was a long and unintended blog hiatus.

It was really more of an internet hiatus, if I’m being honest. It is depressing out there right now.

I seem to have two modes: On the couch with Netflix and wine or full blown DIY mania. I am 100% back on my bullshit.

I haven’t really been sure how to start, so, why not jump back in with a One room challenge?

If you are unfamiliar with the One Room (to rule them all) Challenge, it is a biannual blog link up party, created and hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. Participants choose a project, and then have 6 posts and 5 weeks to complete. It is an explode-your-house-ruin-relationships-and-lots-of-tears kind of thing. It’s pretty amazing.

Past reveals: Living room and daughter’s bedroom

And, I’m actually a little intimidated about doing the challenge this round? I waffled until the day of joining to decide if I wanted to. I’m feeling a little insecure, since there have been so many amazing reveals and I don’t think this one will be on that level.

So. Temper your expectations.

We can delve into my inadequacies another time.

I shared this room a few months ago on Instagram, with the intention of working on it. Then a surgery happened (I’m fine!) and after recovery, it stayed stalled while I worked on other projects.

It is an extra room in my house, for guests that haven’t minded living in squalor (shout out to my sister in law! Love you, girl). I feel like it’s about time to, idk, have it be more than a mattress on the floor and possible lead poisoning?

I removed all the drywall to expose the usual: thousands of cracks and screw holes, huge holes for electrical and crumbling plaster.


This thick faux finish metallic green paint on the walls?

OMG. Blessed.

Who were these mythical creatures that painted the walls in this house? Did they have a curse bestowed upon them to never finish painting a room, doomed to live with their failed intentions and 154563 shades of avocado?

Shit. Is the curse on me, too? That explains so much.



Scrape off the faux finish? It has a lot of texture and is peeling in some places.

Scrub off the crayon doodles from my kid. Ugh, when I found the “art” I couldn’t help but be horrified that MY amazing genetic offspring was ultimately such a generic cliché. We should probably blame her parents.

patch, patch, patch, patch, sand, prime, prime, paint, paint.

Maybe make a bedframe? We will have to see on this one. I seem to have lost my kregjig? Like, who even does that?

Then all the pretty stuff.

My ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere that is less…. how you say… ‘crack den’.


Make sure to follow along with all the sure-to-be-astounding transformations!



17 Replies to “One Room Challenge Fall 2017: Dark and cozy guest room”

  1. What do you mean green faux finish isn’t cozy? 😉

    I wish you luck! Love your design plans and that color is gorgeous!

    1. Also, do you have a blog? Or posting on instagram only? Also, also, I enjoy your instagram posts!

  2. Hahaha! Crack den. I think this is a solid goal 🙂 And I have faith in you that this will be just as awesome as the others! Can’t wait to follow along.

    1. Thank you Lisa! I am fortunate that it is so terrible in its current state, that it will take very little for huge improvement.

  3. Ha ha ha!! “omg blessed” Blessed may be one of the most cringe-worthy sentiments that ever caught on.

    And I agree, it is depressing out there. Let’s try to laugh as much as we can. I’ve got a head start after reading your post.

  4. Can’t wait to see your transformation, i’m sure it will be dramatic! And love where you are going with your design!

    1. Thanks! I keep telling myself that paint will make a huge difference. Hopefully that will motivate me to tackle those walls. ?

  5. I’m so excited you will be doing another room, I loved your last one! You are totally up to the challenge. And whoa, that purple door totally complements the metallic green. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  6. So glad you’re back! I missed your original voice. I was checking your blog monthly, worrying about where you had gone. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with this space and the horrendous walls.

    1. Oh, Marian! That is so kind of you to say. I’ve been fine, just only so much time in the day. Priorities shifted back to the house. I hope that I can deliver!

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