One Room Challenge Fall 2017: Deferred gratification and a boring post

Welcome back to week 5 of the fall One Room Challenge! Created and hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. This is a bi-annual event for designers/bloggers/adrenaline junkies to choose a room to remodel/refresh/etc and blog weekly about their progress for 6 weeks. For the first time, it was extended a week to remove some pressure and stresses on participants that are dealing with fall out from natural disasters.

And, dang. Last week, I was ALL UP in my feelings.

My mood has improved much this past week because of PAINT! My god, what a essential thing visual progress is to the soul.

I had previously removed the drywall covering the plaster and all the drywall screws before I started the ORC.

For reference of what this room needed before I could even get to paint:

I introduced the room, that had metallic green faux finish on the walls. Next, I scraped off the faux finish with razor blades, to expose the state of the plaster underneath. I patched holes with drywall and cracks with joint compound. Finally, I sanded the walls and stripped all the trim to prep for primer/paint.

Here’s how it looked last week:

After wallowing in self pity, I gave all the trim another light sand down and vacuumed/washed it all. The windows, and the floor where the base boards meet got taped off.

I love spray painting vinyl windows. It’s such a cheap and quick way to change them, and make them look less vinyl-y? I used Krylon Fusion in gloss black, for those.

I ordered a pair of these sash locks last week from Rejuvenation, in the continued hope of less vinyl-y looking, but I’m not sure if they will fit.

If they don’t, I have the 4 original windows downstairs that could use some updates.

You know what I always forget? How much time prep work takes. All the taping, sanding, vacuuming, washing, caulking, waiting etc. I know it’s a necessary thing, but it is lame as hell.

All the walls, ceiling and trim got a coat of oil based primer. I love this stuff for sealing new joint compound and wood, but, ya’ll, I destroyed the few brain cells that I have left. Even with a respirator.

After patching some traumas in the wood and caulking the seams in the trim, I was happy to switch to the next coat, which was latex primer.

So, not the most progress. Again. But it’s a start! I swear, I am not trying to hold back for a big reveal. This room has just been taking FOREVER.

The next couple of days will be for painting the top coat and switching out electrical components.

I have a trip planned to the lumber yard and I’m hoping to get started on a DIY bedframe this week. I think I have a plan for this. And by “plan” I mean some random scribbles jotted down on paper and a picture in my head.

And hopefully making decisions on the cute little things that you can’t think about while the walls are literally crumbling around you.

Make sure to head back to the link up for all the amazing progress of my fellow participants.

10 Replies to “One Room Challenge Fall 2017: Deferred gratification and a boring post”

    1. Thanks Emy! I did a little happy dance once the walls got painted with primer and didn’t look like a scene from a horror film.

  1. This is looking so good!!! Can’t wait to see next week’s update. Love that you painted your windows too, I’ve been wanting to try that but wasn’t sure how well it would hold up, hopefully since you’ve done it before that means it works long term?!!

    1. I’ve done it several times now and it holds up perfectly! I just make sure to wipe the vinyl down with some acetone first, to make sure they’re nice and clean.

  2. It’s amazing the difference that a coat of paint can make, and I can’t wait to see the final color! I know the painting feels like it is never ending sometimes! Excited for next week’s post!

    1. Thanks Beth! I went the same way as you with the dark jewel toned paint ??
      Super excited for the end for all of us!

    1. Girl, I feel you. 5 days I am just now building a bedframe from my head and upholstering for the first time 😩
      The paint will go so far in your room though! It will look amazing.

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