One Room Challenge Fall 2017: Week 6 and we finally have paint.

It’s week 6 of the One Room Challenge and normally this would be the reveal post, but, I am so relieved for the extra week this round! If you’re new to the One room Challenge, it’s a biannual event created and hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. It’s usually the kick in the pants that most of us need to finish a project that we’ve been dragging out. Or is that just me? Thanks for creating this event with me in mind, Linda!

Anyways. We have 4 relatively tiny bedrooms upstairs. I chose to work on the guest room in my house for this round. I love my house, I chose it because I saw the potential and it desperately needed someone to love it. But. The walls are fucked up badly.

For this one tiny bedroom, I had removed the drywall and drywall screws to expose ugly green faux finish and make a planremove the faux finish, repair the walls with joint compound, stripped down the trim and sanded the walls, and then finally primed everything.

Ya’ll. So many people have told me that I look ‘so tired’.

MAYBE I WAS JUST BORN UGLY, CAROL. OVER IT. Like, yeah, I’m fucking tired is why.

But these dark under eye circles are worth it because:


The color is Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor 25% darker. I picked up a gallon of this over 4 years ago, when I saw that Erin Williamson used it in her house. I painted my kitchen with it and ultimately didn’t like the contrast with the white subway tile. So the rest of it just sat there in my basement, waiting for the right project.

And I fucking went for it. Walls, ceiling and trim. Even that tiny little radiator got a coat.

The walls and ceiling are the Aura line in matte, but I went with Regal semi-gloss on the doors and trim. I spent too much work stripping them down, not to show them off. The semi-gloss adds such a depth. It took 3 coats on everything – so 5 in total for the room.

It is such a beautiful chameleon of a color. Sometimes it’s emerald, sometimes teal and sometimes blue. I love it.

We hung the light fixture. Did you notice I said “WE”?! My husband helped me install it. Let me tell you, this is only the second time I have had help installing a light fixture and IT IS LOADS EASIER. I have had to contort my body in some crazy ways or rig up make shift braces to hold things up while I connect wires. And of course, drop the screw like 45431334 times and no one is there to hand it back up to you. I ain’t never going back to solo installation.

LOLZ. I say that now, until I have a new fixture and I’m home alone and too impatient to wait. I’m fooling no one.

This main light fixture is another one of those things that waited in a box for the right time, and it has a story. The fixture is from Triple Seven Home and I ordered it for my dining room, originally. Like a year and a half ago? There were some issues manufacturing them and I believe some shipping issues, also. Anyways, it took 5 months to arrive. And it was way, way too short for my dining room. I worked with Jessie and they sent me out a new one – which is currently hanging in my dining room and looking amazing. Jessie told me to just keep this one since the shipping was such a hassle.

I hemmed and hawed about having the same light fixture in two rooms in ONE house and then my sister was like: bitch, you crazy. these are not real problems. yes, you can. Get yo’ life.

And I was like: cool.

Doesn’t it look just perfect with the dark ceiling? I put it on a dimmer and it gives off such a lovely glow.

My roman shades arrived. I wanted to hold off sharing who I commissioned to sew them, since I complained about how expensive they were to have made. There was a distinct lack of angel harps playing and no break in the clouds when I opened the box. But, they are really well made. Martha & Ash on etsy did a fantastic job and delivered by my requested time. The irony that I paid extra to have it rushed, and we were given an extra week!

I picked up some lumber and began building the bedframe. Which I have been putting off, because I don’t know what I’m doing. There’s lot of tutorials out there, but, my vision is a little different? And they usually build it as one piece and then upholster it and I want to be able to disassemble and reassemble, if necessary.

It’s do or die at this point tho. Like, I’m going to have a guest room and no bed? Nah.

Then it’s been a bunch of little tasks. The devil is in the details.

I put on the new door hardware from Rejuvenation and OMFG ARE YOU KIDDING ME LOOK HOW GORGEOUS IT IS.

I am feeling totally validated in so many life decisions right now.

Electrical switches got updated with some toggle switches/dimmer. I replaced the missing baseboard on one wall. Where did you go, original base cap?! Why did someone take you? I am currently on the hunt for replicated millwork. I think I found the profile at a local place on their online catalog, but trying to reconcile a drawing of the profile with the actual base cap on the wall makes my brain hurt.

I also added this door stop, after my husband swung open the door and dented my freshly repaired wall.


Left to do:

  • Bedframe (!!!!!!)
  • Paint touch up (I see you, radiator)
  • Clean a lot
  • Move furniture in (I think the dresser is ultimately too big for this space but it’s what I’ve got right now.)
  • Frame other artwork
  • Hang the other light fixture
  • Hang frames and mirror
  • Buy pretty shit
  • Put pretty shit in the room in a pretty way

As always, thank you all for your kindness and support. Head back to the link up for more incredible progress transformations and inspiration.

SO excited to see everyone’s reveals.


20 Replies to “One Room Challenge Fall 2017: Week 6 and we finally have paint.”

  1. OMG, Madeline!! I don’t even remember what this room looked like before, it looks so effing good! We did the same color on walls and trim on our og ORC and people were so up in arms about it but I still to this day love it and I love it in your room too!! Amazing…good luck with the bed and I cannot wait to see what it looks like next week! BAM!

    1. YOU DID?! ummm link please?! tealandgrayblog at
      I love it so much too! Thanks, Krystle ❤️

    1. Thanks Lisa! I am really loving how it’s coming together. Finally! It’s been a lots of blood (literally, my poor knuckles), sweat and tears to get here.

  2. That color looks so amazing with the gold hardware. LOVE it! And I need that door stopper. So pretty! We’re almsot there!!

    1. Yesssss. I’m excited that we are almost done, but, that deadline is looming. Heading over to see yours!

  3. You should be basking in those hardware decisions because they are ahhhhmazing. The Fabric blind sewn with Angel tears?!?! Worth the wait and that color…I have no words. I cannot wait to see what you pull off as a bed frame.

    1. Thanks Libby! The roman shades are most def better than I expected, almost like they were sewn with angel tears.

  4. The room is looking amazing! I love the light fixture. I too think my desk may be too big for my office. I can’t wait to see the finished space.

    1. Thank you, Kalila! I have this terrible habit of not deciding about something until it’s in my physical possession or in its intended space. Drives my husband crazy lol.

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I really do love the color, but mostly glad that it’s not the faux finish anymore? I am super envious of your mudroom. I’ve been giving mine side eye all day for not looking like yours.

  5. OMG, I literally said, “WOAH” out loud when I saw those pics with the painted walls! So, so good! And that door hardware? You’re killing me!

    1. Omg Beth! Thank you! I never know if what’s in my brain is going to translate to anything good in reality. You’re so sweet.

  6. I love love love it! That’s three “loves” so you know it’s real. Sitting on that color for four years was a great life decision. 🙂

    Good luck finding pretty shit. LOL I’ve got that out here too!

    1. Styling is not my thing. The practical side of my is like ‘why does a guest room need a vase?’
      We all have our challenges to overcome though lol. I am excited to see your floor!

  7. GOD, CAROL.

    The room is looking gorrrgeous. Yes to the paint, hell yes to the other paint. I love your sister’s reaction to you worrying about having two of the same fixture in the house. Siblings are the best at dragging you back down to earth just when you need it most.

    We’re so close to the end! Power through!

    1. Carol be the worst tho.
      So close! Just have to get through my current disaster of building a bed that brain thought would be easy. Good luck to you!

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