One Room Challenge Spring 2016: Week 2 and minimal updates. I’m pretty boring.

Hey all! Are you ready for one of the most mundane blog posts of 2016?!

Let’s get this party started.

It’s week 2 of Linda from Calling it Home’s One Room Challenge. It provides bloggers an opportunity to spend 6 weeks on a room of their choosing, and link up once a week with progress.

Which is why this is so embarrassing…..

Since my last post, I have hardly done anything.

After removing the drywall, I removed all the screws and washed the walls with TSP.

By the way, not very fun or satisfying. It still left horrific pink walls behind.

I started the first coat of Dura Bond 90 to fill it the holes. Then I looked up at the ceiling and all the cracks and was like: nope.IMG_1193 IMG_1194

So I went and drank beer instead and binge watched Love on Netflix.

Buuuuuuut. I need to get it together because I just found out that I’m taking a business trip from May 9th – 12th and will be out of town.neutral-whyyyyy

This weekend will be spent putting all 3-4 layers on all the cracks and holes. If I’m feeling extra ambitious, I’ll try to sand the walls smooth.

I’m dreading that though, for sure. I don’t know what it is, but sanding the walls is what brings me to my emotional and physical brink and usually brings the tears. Could be spending hours holding a heavy, vibrating sander over my head after spending days wielding a trowel. But. Idk. I don’t have a whole lot of personal insight.

I feel like once I get into the painting zone, it will be smooth from there.

One issue that I’ve run in to is this light that has been included in my plan for a few months.il_570xN_821311617_892g

The day after I posted, I went to purchase and the store is on vacation (to work on back orders.) This prompted not one, but two, crazy emails begging to let me purchase the light. I have not gotten any response, which, miffs me a little. I would almost prefer a: GO AWAY CRAZY LADY

Do they not understand the complete mental overtaking that is the ORC?!

This is an issue because.

  1. I like the light fixture
  2. I showed the kid several possibilities and that’s the one she chose

Now I have to decide if I want to find a permanent alternative, or a stand in until the shop is available. And I’m all: no mo’ decisions.

And self flagellation for putting off the purchasing of said light fixture.

Obvs, I haven’t had any personal growth from this because I’m going to put off making a decision. Naturally.

I sure hope to have a lot more to share next week. Until then, check out all the rooms – that are likely more impressive than mine!

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8 Replies to “One Room Challenge Spring 2016: Week 2 and minimal updates. I’m pretty boring.”

  1. Oh my…that looks like a lot of work! I can completely understand why you would be putting it off 🙂 Good luck with all that filling & sanding!

    1. Oh, Wanda. My avoidance runs deep. I’m hoping public ridicule will help out. I’m sure you understand ?
      Best of luck with your ORC room!

  2. Always drink beer when there is that much patching and painting to be done! 😉 Good luck, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. I hate sanding too. My husband like to use a wet sponge to sand it instead, but it doesn’t look quite as good. It might be a good in between step though.

    You can do it! Put on some good music or podcasts and it will make it more fun.

    1. Yes! I like the wet sponge because it helps with the dust. Unfortunately, the areas that need to be sanded are so large with this stupid walls.

    1. I mean, in the end, doesn’t beer really always win? Thank you! Hopefully progress this weekend!

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