Where to start, really

I guess I should start with my motivations for creating a blog. Although, I think of it more as a diary.

The thing is, I am an obsesser. An agonizer. A waffler. A wallower.

And my family is.so.over.that.shit

When you’re in the midst of never ending tiny projects that drag on and never seem to end, it lacks excitement. You lose a sense of any visual progress. My hope is that if I keep track of all those tiny little projects, I will be able to look back and see my very own amazing before/after.

Maybe, if I post the terrible state of my home on the interwebs, it will shame me into GETTING things finished.

Here’s hoping.


My name is Madeline. In November 2012, my now husband and I purchased a modest 106 year old home in Minneapolis MN. It was flipped by the previous owners and “move in ready”. We moved in with our then 2 year old daughter.

We painted, we decorated, we furnished.

Then, I broke it.

Now, I have to fix it.

This was our house on the listing
This was our house on the listing