Painting glossy wood trim – Dark and White

First of all: Hardcore stained wood fanatics – Be cool, don’t jump my ass.  kthnxbye.

I have been painting the wood trim in my house. Someone put this poopy colored (no exaggeration, I’ve had a baby, I know) opaque varnish all over the wood. You can hardly see any wood grain anymore, but is very glossy and the dark color drags down the whole house.

Gross poopy colored opaque varnish
Gross poopy colored opaque varnish

See? Yuck.

I start by patching all the holes and/or cracks with spackle. I have found the light weight kind the easiest.caulk and spackled

Then paintable caulk in any seams.

Don’t forget to caulk along the sides of the moulding where it meets the wall!

oil based primer on glossy wood
Pre-caulked seam between trim and wall
oil based primer on glossy wood
After caulk between trim and wall

I use my trusty oil based primer. I know that there are latex primers that say the stick to glossy surfaces, but besides the BIN kind, I just don’t trust them. I have been using Zinsser, although I am not loyal to the brand. Make sure that you have mineral spirits on hand, very helpful for any drops and cleaning the brush. I like swishing the brush in mineral spirits, dawn soap, and then swishing in new mineral spirits for brush cleaning. For mini foam rollers, I would dispose of them after each use.

I use my brush to get the primer into all the little nooks and crannies, and then go over it and the flat areas with a roller. The first coat will NOT look good. Or opaque. Or white. In fact, it’s going to look pretty awful. That’s cool.oil based primer on glossy wood oil based primer on glossy wood oil based primer on glossy wood

I am a double primer sort of girl. I feel like the second coat gets any tiny missed spots. I use the same method of the brush and mini foam roller.

If the final top coat will be dark, use a gray tinted latex primer. I used Glidden Gripper Primer underneath the F&B Down Pipe top coat.Glidden Gripper primer on oil based primer on glossy wood 011 Glidden Gipper Primer on oil based primer on glossy wood

Two coats of Farrow & Ball Down Pipe (the last one being Estate Eggshell), and done!Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell Farrow & Ball Estate Eggshell

If painting white, after the oil based primer, do a second coat with white latex primer. I use Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 primer. I thought that I had a picture of this coat, but I guess I don’t! Sorry! It will look brighter white, but still patchy.

If going from dark wood, like my trim, to white, expect to do at least 4 coats (more likely 5.) Two of primer and 3 of top coat color. I personally like Floor and Porch paint for trim, it’s satin and durable. I used Sherwin Williams in Snowbound 7004. This is the 5th coat:Sherwin Williams SnowboundSherwin Williams Snowbound Sherwin Williams Snowbound

It’s just so much brighter already!