Painting up in here

I’m always incredibly jealous when I read other blogs and they move in to a “fixer upper”, and that means painting the walls. They put in their awesome furniture, style it, and then it looks all glorious.

Petty? You bet.

Especially because I did move into this house and paint all the walls, and it looked glorious. Then, I went all crazy face on it. And now I have to put in 2425721 hours of patching and sanding, to get the walls in a semi decent shape for painting.

But. I did. I did put all those hours of wall prep in.


This is also the first room that my husband has helped me paint. Yeah, in 6+ years together, he hasn’t ever helped me paint. I’m sure that’s some sort of blogging crime. I told him that OUR MARRIAGE NEEDED this. J/K. No, I didn’t. Yes, I actually did.

I guess he didn’t want to test the limits of my insanity. He rolled, I did cut in, we had a paint fight, it was adorbsies. Ok, so he did one coat on the walls, but, for reals though, it went so much faster than if I did that last coat by myself!

I chose Farrow & Ball Down Pipe – color matched to Behr. I’m planning on ordering a gallon from Farrow & Ball for the top coat, but why not save $70 for the first coat?

After 3 coats on the ceiling (1 primer, 2 paint), and 3 coats on the trim/baseboards (2 primer, 1 paint) and 2 coats on the walls (1 primer, 1 paint), we are here!

Farrow & Ball Down Pipe color matched to Behr Farrow & Ball Down Pipe color matched to Behr

Perhaps a reminder of how the dining room project started?

damaged plaster
damaged plaster


Is that a non-water damaged and non-green ceiling?!Farrow & Ball Down Pipe color matched to Behr

I still have to paint the radiator (I spray primed the hard to reach areas).

Panel/picture molding, crown moulding, and the opening casing will have to happen, then one last coat of paint.

It may seem a little underwhelming to most, but it was a huge triumph for me.