Is not a virtue I could ever claim to have.

My family is always making fun that as soon as something pops into my head… “madeline wants it done yesterday.”

And it’s totally true.

I think that is the hardest part for me right now. Nothing is done or fully pulled together. I have a completed vision in my head, but only some of the items, and not all the funds/time/place in the remodeling timeline.

Reasonably, I know that I shouldn’t be buying a new and bigger rug for the living room, when I hate the wall color and have to tear down all the drywall anyways, patch a million holes/sand/paint, reupholster the couch (pick a fabric! and save monies). But what do I find myself doing? Bidding on rugs on ebay. Like some crazed maniac.

I am sure this sounds incredibly self pitying, and that’s ok with me. I am sure that I am not alone in these feelings when your whole house is in shambles and you can find a hammer sooner than you can find your other shoe.

First word problems, ya’ll.