I started destroying renovating my house as a form of controlling some aspect of my life when my general anxieties grew too much. I was with a toddler most of my spare time, and home ridden (naps and bedtime, etc.), when I wasn’t working Monday-Friday.

It initially had an adverse affect. I started so many projects, without finishing anything, that my anxiety mounted and there was so much chaos at home and I didn’t have control over that, either.

Starting this blog has been so incredibly helpful for me. I can enjoy working on projects around the house again. I get a sense of satisfaction from finishing a task, and sharing on here. I hope to share information that may be helpful to other people, also.

But part of that enjoyment is not rushing the process, not to stress to have everything perfectly done and styled – for a blog post. ‘Cause that ain’t real life, yo. At least, not mine.

My day to day is waking up at 5:45am and work (sometimes at home and sometimes at the office) until about 3:00. My husband usually leaves for his job around the time I get home, and then it’s my shift with the 4-year-old until her bedtime at 7:30, and I suppose adult supervision at home after 7:30. We worked out that schedule to minimize daycare, since she is in preschool only 3 hours a day. My sweet guy is the one with Ry in the morning. He takes her to school and picks her up, feeds her lunch and gets her ready for nap. He is a father and launderer extraordinaire. I adore him.

But he does not care about this house stuff even a little bit.  Which means that I get to make most of the aesthetic and budget decisions, but I also have to do all the work. We are definitely not that adorable husband/wife duo, she paints and he does the carpentry. Nope. One woman show in this house.

I get that though, and I’m thankful that he’s supportive of my crazy.

My pictures (and house!) will never be perfect. I  think that I would like to get a better camera some time.  Although at the moment it’s like, camera or new dining room light? Such is life.

I am working on accepting that this is a long process, although that is hard for me and I want it all shiny and done yesterday.

All of this is a too wordy, and not very well written, way to say that I don’t necessarily get a lot of work done on the house, all the time. A lot of times after 7:30pm I only want to sit on the couch with wine and watch Netflix. By the way, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix is freaking hilarious. Netflix better pump out some more episodes soon.

Wow. If you made it this far, gold star!

For the visitors of my blog, regular or not, I really do value it.