Recent Craigslist and Vintage store acquisitions

Last month I visited a vintage shop called RetroWanderlust in Hopkins, MN. It is filled to the max with brass and other gorgeous items. Tons of Hollywood regency and MCM!

I left with this Lane faux bamboo étagère. Lane faux bamboo etegere


It’s in need of some minor repair, which is fine because I plan to lacquer it up glossy. I am not sure yet if this is a job I am going to attempt to do myself, or hire out.

I paid $160.00, which is not nothing, but you can easily spend that much on an ikea shelving system. Plus, when I googled it, they are going for as much as $1300.00!

Yes, it is currently holding my paint and supplies and is a sad sight. I am hoping that won’t be forever. It’s hard to know sometimes. What is life?!


I also purchased this upholstered lounge chair. Orange velvet, and a favorite scratching post/sleeping spot for the cat. Upholstered lounge chair



It’s so comfortable! I am thinking of sending it out with the couch (will. happen. some. day.) and having it done in a deep burgundy linen? I am like super paralyzed with fabric choices and unable to commit.

Lastly, 3 of these brass wicker cesca cantilever chairs from craigslist. There were only 3 available, but for $10/each, I swooped them up. Wicker isn’t my thang, but I appreciate the shape. I’m thinking of doing a template of the back and doing the fabric to match the seat. Since kids and dining, faux black ostrich? Wicker rattan brass cantilever cesca chair


You can tell by all the question marks that I am full of certainty and conviction.