Small details

This past week hasn’t been filled with any major changes, rather some insignificant (to most) updates.

Firstly, the radiator in the foyer. This one is not original to the house, which has rococo style, and had a lot of chipping paint. One day when I was sipping coffee, I mindlessly started chipping at it, then shit, what did I do?! It might have been lead paint. I made sure to immediately vacuum the chips with my HEPA filter shop vac, and, you know, not eat any of them. If I had to guess, the under layer (OF GOLD PAINT!) was oil based, and the top coat was latex?



I went out and bought a paint sprayer for this task, purchasing the Wagner Flexio 570 and a can of spray paint primer. I scrubbed everything down, and then taped everything off. It was like a fun puzzle with rosen paper and tape, with lots of overlap. j/k. Prep to me is like torture.

It was my first time using a paint sprayer, and it was fun! Most definitely not a professionally smooth looking job, but it sped up the task and I got it all done with one coat. I decided to use the trim color, Sherwin-Williams Porch and Floor paint in Snowbound.

Ahhh. Fresh paint.

The cat insisted on being in the photo
The cat insisted on being in the photo

Next, I put on these cute little brass pipe flanges.brass radiator pipe flange




Finally! The wall switches got updated to white rocker versions.



After. 003


If you can’t tell what you’re looking at in the after… good. They look so subtle and sleek with the white walls,

Like I said, nothing huge, but anything done is awesome around here.