The Entry

I have a problem.

You know how sometimes when people drink, they make bad decisions? Maybe they angrily text their ex, maybe they cut their own bangs… well, I demo. I get so curious! What’s behind there? Then before I know it, I am peeling the drywall off in huge sheets. To expose:entrybefore2entrybefore (excuse the iphone pictures)

Maaaaaaaaan. You guys. Someone did this house so wrong. 4 different shades of green/aqua (Including on the ceiling) AND 3 different kinds of wall paper. And badly patched holes from blown in insulation.

Maybe I should back up some. You see, that’s how the house looked like BEFORE the house flippers covered all the walls and ceilings with drywall – to look like this:

From the house listing - looks nice, huh?
From the house listing – looks nice, huh?

So, why would I remove the drywall when it looks so nice? I’m not sure, how much time is there for me to explain the crazy that is me? The drywall was 1/2 inch, and it went OVER the baseboard. This insignificant detail drove me irrationally mad.

I started to work on the walls. We unscrewed the hundreds of screws in the walls, removed the wallpaper (distilled vinegar/hot water in a spray bottle and putty knife), cleaned the walls with TSP, and started to skim coat with Durabond 90. Then I decided that skim coating is just plain boring, and abandoned it. To peel the walls in the rest of the house. I got problems, yo.

I also started to paint the trim white. I know. I knowwwwwwwww. I’m going to burn in the inner most rings of hell for painting original wood. Accept me as the sinner that I am. But, let me explain. All the wood trim has been painted with this hideous opaque stain/varnish that was atrocious. It was essentially brown paint. Hideous.

Here is a few current pictures of the room (the mess! le sigh. Such is the life of a house in remodel): As of 8/2/148/2/14

Finally! THE TO DO LIST! I love lists:

  • clean walls again (demo dust from the kitchen is everywhere)
  • finish 1st skim coat on remaining wall (patch large hole with drywall)
  • 2 more skim coats on all walls
  • sand
  • prime walls
  • paint walls
  • silicone/patch holes in remaining trim
  • prime remaining trim
  • several coats of paint
  • strip/stain wood columns and doors

That’s hardly anything. Right?