The Kitchen – Part I

This is the room that has changed the most in the past year, and caused the most anxiety and sleepless nights. Can you hate a room that you just put so much time and money into, if only because you put so much time and money into it? I am currently stuck on all the unfinished parts, or details that were done incorrectly. You know, forest through the trees, and all that.

Where it started:kitchenlisting

Oooooh. It looks so nice.

Then you live in it. And it’s like: what the crap. There’s 4 walls, 5 doorways, and a huge window  (which I LOVE). The fridge is in the walk in pantry. The dishwasher is 5 feet from the sink – across a doorway. There’s 9″ of counter next to the stove. My 5’2″ self can reach two shelves in the cabinets. THERE’S NO DRAWERS?!

So… a tiny remodel was going to happen. Only buy some more cabinets.. keep the same layout…..


Where it is, as of this week:

From a similar angle as the listing
From a similar angle as the listing