The rug cherry got popped

This week has been a long one, work has been really busy. I have also been spending most of my free time with the kids at the park. In MN, you have to ride the nice weather until the wheels fall the eff off. Which means, hardly anything has gotten done at home. Besides some impromptu oil paint huffing in the bathroom while painting some trim. PARTY AT MY HOUSE!

Today, the surprise ebay rug was delivered. I call it a surprise, because I was totes unsure what colors the rug was going to be actually be. Pictures of rugs seem to have a lot of variation. And what do you know. The rug looks COMPLETELY different than the picture.

Here’s a screen shot of the rug:rug2

I bought the rug before I grabbed a picture, and it wouldn’t let me go back to the details for a larger picture?

And here it is in my home:ebay Persian rug

ebay Persian rug
This is the most accurate color representation
ebay Persian rug
Next to Ugly Couch

Again, really a struggle to get the picture to look the same as I see it with my eyes.

I don’t mind that it’s much darker, but, I am worried that it’s actually too small for the space. I am incredibly green at this whole rug thing, and how large it should be for the area. For reference, it’s 4’x6’10”, and the couch is 68″.

Naturally, it would have looked loads better with the gray ikea couch, and looks awful with the harvest gold ugly couch. Because I like to be dissatisfied with my choices, I set it up like that. Ha. I think I’ll leave it where it is though, to really help give me a sense of what other colors to put in the main level. If I decided to get a bigger rug to replace it, I would probably stay in the same color/Persian rug vein.

For anyone who is interested, I bought the rug from hgallery128 on ebay. It took about 2 weeks from purchase to delivery. The rug is worn/used, and kind of dirty. That might bother some, but for me it makes me feel less guilty about putting something new in my forever dusty home! When I am done with the renovations down here, I’ll get it a good cleaning. In like 12421 years.