Ugly Couch

This past Sunday, we made 4 long round trips to go pick up Ugly Couch (it’s my term of endearment for the Craigslist couch).  It involved renting a home depot truck.

Totes worth it, guys. The couch is as comfortable as it is ugly.

My mom informed me that the color is Harvest Gold, and it was all the rage in the 70s(?), I don’t remember exactly. But, it was cool. craigslistcouch

I’ve gotten a couple of quotes to re-upholster it, ranging from $800-1250, for just the labor. So that probably won’t happen for another 6 months, at least. It will give me lots of time to decide on what color and kind of fabric I want. A small kid+$800(at least)=commitment.

Natch, this didn’t quell my desire for ugly furniture. What’s an ugly couch without an ugly chair? I think this one will do nicely.uglychair