Updates on Project De-Basic-ify bathroom

It’s been a little while on a bathroom update. I started using it as a bathroom again, and kind of forgot that I painted it.


I got the EITI rug in the mail a few weeks ago.  It’s so bright and colorful, I think it definitely helps with the black and white paint theme.    Ebay Kilim rug

The new light was put in, I’m still on the fence about it, and might move it to the hallway, but I like it better than the old one.walls clark + kensington Casa blanca and door Sherwin Williams Snowbound

New hooks, painted hot pink, because… hot pink.020

I was looking at my newly painted hooks when my husband came in the room, and I was like “do these look like..” and he was all matter of fact “drunk fighting octopus. Yeah, everyone on the internet knows about it.”

drunk fighting octopus hooks
drunk fighting octopus hooks

So, there’s that.

I hung up some beautiful paintings that I got from India, which feels like a lifetime ago.

I still need to actually put stuff back in the bathroom (you see my shelves? Doesn’t it looks like I had a professional stylist up in here?), hang up the other frames, and my DIY shower rod, and find another mirror. I was banned from craigslist for the whole of last month, by my husband, after the ugly chair incident. I complied, mostly because I am still heart broken about the $20 perfect mirror that got away. Shh, don’t tell him that.

walls clark + kensington Casa blanca and door Sherwin Williams Snowbound 022 018

All in all, I like the changes visually, but I am still dreaming and planning for a full bathroom remodel that includes knocking out a wall and a nice big bathtub.

Also, I need to start writing up about the actual painting of the bathroom. It was prep, prep and then prep on top of the prep. And definitely some failures to share.