Updates on the front room 3/7/2015

Front room, entry way, foyer… whatEvs

3 weeks (!) ago, I started working on the entry room to my house. I had started on it, a year previously. I had removed the drywall from the ceiling and walls, removed 3-4 kinds of wall paper, skim coated some of the walls and started painting the trim. Then I stalled out, left to stare at pale avocado green walls and ceiling for a year.

I started continued by patching all the screw holes left by the dry wall on the remaining wall and ceiling, and used drywall for the large hole left by a damaged blown in insulation hole.005 007 008





I then used cut pieces of fiberglass mesh screen to patch the cracks on the ceiling. And there were a lot.

First coat.009

Second coat.020

Third coat on the ceiling and one skim coat on the walls.025 032






We (I made my husband help me this time) sanded everything down with electric sanders.

Everything got so incredibly dusty, it was hard to even see what I was sanding a foot from my face.

The walls are certainly not perfect. 2-3 more skim coats on the walls would have been ideal, and I might have accidentally missed entire spots to sand. But, sometimes, a finished project is better that a perfectly planned out project that hasn’t happened.

Unfortunately, my new orbital sander was a little aggressive for the EZ Sand joint compound on the ceiling, and left lots of little crescent shaped grooves. Curses.

While this was all going on, I also stripped and sanded down some stair treads. I did not sand these down enough, and when I stained them, that became apparent. stain didn't take

Double curses.

Re-stripping and sanding those set me back, because I didn’t want to bother painting when I was going to be making dust again.

I didn’t notice the ceiling until after I had spent hours vacuuming and cleaning the trim and baseboards in preparation of painting. Since I was all mudded out, I decided to proceed with the painting of the trim and walls.

1 coat of oil based primer on everything got it looking fresh!045


It was my husband’s birthday last week, between coats 1 and 2 walls and 2 and 4 on the trim, and celebrations and celebration hangover made it difficult for me to hammer those out. I think I got one coat on the trim in about 3 hours that day, then I was spent.

Although, the trim was kind of time consuming anyways. 3 windows, 3 doorways, stringers/risers and baseboards gave me major clawhand.

Side note, a spot on my columns had a weird reaction with the paint and turned pink? After several coats, it went away.043


I got over my hangover and finished the trim, then I got a cold that has lasted a week! I did end up painting the last coat on the walls this past week and mudded the ceiling grooves. Today I sanded it by hand so as to avoid the grooves again.

It has been difficult to care about the ceiling at all! Like, no fucks about it.

I am going to tryyyyyyyy to slap a coat of primer up tonight, and do some more painting tomorrow.

I really want to start moving things out of our living room, and back in there! Also, I ordered a bunch of things (in my virus-cold-medicine state) online, and they should start arriving in the next couple of days.  I have to get an electrician stop by about the janky light. I am pretty sure the pan up there will not hold the chandelier that I have.

Here’s today, after:

  • 3 bags of DuraBond 90, EZ Sand joint compound
  • Countless pieces of sandpaper/pads
  • 2 tubes of caulk
  • 2 1/2 gallons of oil based primer
  • 1 gallon of latex based primer
  • 2 gallons of flat enamel
  • 1/2 gallon of floor and porch paint

1 coat of oil based primer, 1 more coat of latex based primer, 2 coats of top coat on the walls and 3 coats of floor and porch paint on the trim. 048



This feels like the project that isn’t ending, and might have taken part of my soul. Here’s to hoping it comes together and is worth it!