What I’m on: January 2018

Look at me kind of sometimes blogging! I haven’t done this kind of post in a long time and I thought it would be nice to start up again.

Making: Nothing at the moment! I am drafting plans up in my brain to remove the drawers in my hallway and create a more efficient linen closet.

Cooking: Vegan meats. I haven’t eaten meat since November and I need to figure out an alternative. I found a vegan meat shop called The Herbivorous butcher and have been experimenting. Their Italian sausage is delish in spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, bell peppers and shallots.

Drinking: Vodka Soda. I’ve been trying to drink less wine/sugar? idk. It’s watered down vodka, lets not make it more than it is, not bad though!

Reading: Behind her eyes – YA’LL THE ENDING WILL HAVE YOU FUCKED UP.

Wanting: This or this mirror for my living room? My husband is straight up appalled that I want a mirror in every room. WHO IS HE, MEDUSA!?

Enjoying: Sleep overs with my daughter in our finished guest room! It’s so dark and cozy. I haven’t co-slept with her since she was 4 months old (she’s 7 now), but, we have been enjoying piling all our pillows and blankets in there and sleeping in late when my husband is working overnights.

Listening: Oh wonder – so chill.

Needing: At least a 20% coupon for CB2 for those potential mirrors.

Smelling: The last bit of pine smell from the Christmas tree, which finally got tossed out.

Wearing: Nothing but sweats. It’s been in the negative temps for several weeks now, and through a combination of vacation and working from home, I have hardly left the house.

Watching: Planet Earth II – I love this show. So beautiful and it puts so much in perspective for me.

Feeling: Contemplative. This past year was really difficult for me with some deep emotional avoidance and depression. I have been trying to do some reflection on changes that I can make. Expanded post drafted, it’s hard to write it all out and put it on the internet. I feel it’s important though. Mental health is so taboo and way underrepresented, especially in this age of perfect Instagram and blog lives. I’m not perfect, and I know that I’m not alone in that (no offense).



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  1. OMG! I read your posts and I’m so feeling all of it! My 20 year old daughter and I had 2 sleepover nights when we visited my mom over New Year’s. We laugh almost all night every time we have a sleepover! We end up exhausted the next day but invariably catch our second wind at bedtime again! Also, I’ve really gotten into mirrors the last several years. I like to think of them as moving art. Ha! Check out some 2nd hand stores for gorgeous mirrors cheap! Lastly, I’m starting to go thru menopause and have found the ridiculous list of symptoms almost more than I can bare. Depression is right at the top of that shitty list so I’m all ears when you’re ready to share! Stay warm!!!

    1. I love hearing about you and your daughter! I hope to have this kind of joy. And you’re so right about the mirrors 2nd hand. I should hit up craigslist.
      And isn’t it the worst how you’re just chilling and then BAM! Hormones and brain chemicals fucking shit up. Thanks Katherine. Your continued support and kindness are such a gift.

  2. My husband is also of the “if we get one more mirror the universe will implode” camp. I think I am fabulous and enjoy staring at myself, so what. I am saving my pennies for a giant round one for my dining room at the moment.

    1. Right?! Didn’t my guy know he married a narcissist?
      Oooh! I love a good large round mirror! It’s so simple and elegant.

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