Yellow walls and plaster showers

Before we had the new floors installed, we did some more gutting of the kitchen.

I tore off the wall drywall, to expose gross, yellow walls. Like, nastayyyyy walls. Like, painted-in-the-50’s-and-never-washed-and-used-for-wiping-grease-off-of-your-hands.

There was drywall on top of the plaster, on top of the lath – on the ceiling. That’s essentially 1 1/2″ thick of ceiling. After pulling down the drywall, it was apparent that there had been some severe water damage (I can assume from the bathroom), and the ceiling wasn’t in the best shape. Down came the plaster. And indeed, it did.

Luckily, I was in the pantry tearing up tile (that’s a pretty good excuse, right?) and was not the one with rocks crashing down on my head. My sweet husband got that honor. Then, down with the lath.

We had the janky wall, that used to have the doorway in it, re-framed and dry walled.

The plaster/wire mesh was removed with an angle grinder
The plaster/wire mesh was removed with an angle grinder

Turns out, there used to be some wainscoting, or at the very least, chair rail in the kitchen. I wanted to honor that in the remodel, so I started to tile. And I will cap it off with some chair rail. The tile is just a standard 3×6 white subway tile from The Tile Shop – The Imperial Bianco Gloss  to be exact. I didn’t originally think that I was going to do subway tile, but, here we are. If only in part, so I could avoid skim coating that part of the wall. Skim coating is kind of the lamest. tile wainscotting

Since I am planning on using white grout, I didn’t stress being too perfect with my tile layout. I’m planning on doing the tile behind the little counter and up the rest of the wall, too. You know, some day.

Since we had the ceiling torn out, it was a good time to install some recessed can lighting, add another light and move the main light (since once the wall cabinets were installed, the center of the room was going to change). We also had another light switch added by the butler stairs doorway. No more walking through the whole kitchen when it was pitch black, to turn on the light. Although, it’s been a couple months with it there and I just realized that I still haven’t used it much. I need to get my life together.

I cannot believe how much of a difference that 4 can lights and a little wall sconce can make in my life. I lurveeeee bright rooms, and those are going to be so awesome in the gloomy Minnesota winters.

It should be noted, that I am comfortable swapping light fixtures or outlets, but I don’t mess with wiring. An electrician took care of that for us.

Soon, this blog will be up to date on what HAS happened, and I will have to actually finish things. What a novel concept.